Boredom kicks in

Time to get back to the matter at hand.

45 minutes later
MAN, this sucks. I'm getting REALLY bored, and slapping him around not ONLY doesn't do anything, but just doesn't make me happy if he doesn't react.
Yeah, this is getting old.
Ok, well nuts to this. After wasting THIS much time staring at Kraid, I REALLY need a drink... so I'm going booze-hunting again. Failing that, you could always try to find and convince Metroid-thingy to open the room up.
*sob* I hate being on-call.

Eh, interesting idea, but last I heard, the amout of crap soaking up her time makes moving those Metroids look like a walk in the park. I'd have better odds hunting for a ton of random plants.
What about the Metroids?
Eh, leave 'em for now.

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