Ahh, the things you can do when you're not stuck in a permanent state of waiting for the next call to come in, the next fax to arrive, or idiotic reason to have to actually go into the office.

Lol, back before my coming out as trans. ...expect a whole lot of that coming down the road lol

Approximately 7 hours later...
Ugh... I suppose I should get up soon. Lessee... Tuesday night... I guess I should get started on stuff.
Stuff #1: Drink beverage I came up with a while ago.
Mmmm... a hot cup of coffee, whitened with cream, sweetened with hot chocolate powder mix. Truly the greatest invention in the history of everything ever done, ever.
--Mug of the magical mixture of awesomeness.
Stuff #2: Survive regular work day without snapping, going insane, and murdering anyone within 50 miles.
Yo, another seven invoices just came off the fax machine. Better hurry up on those fifteen we gave you five minutes ago.
Must... survive... day...
Stuff #3: Make comc strips.

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