It never goes away

No, seriously... I DO have nightmares, and jump whenever something is buzzing or humming within earshot.

And yes... I was actually eating and trying to cut apart turkey while playing DDR. In my defense though, it was set to 'beginner', and I was waiting for when I had about 2 seconds of not-stepping when I tried to cut anything :P

Other stuff to be done... eat and play video games... sometimes at the exact same time.
Hey Chous, check it out... I'm going to play DDR and carve thsi turkey at the SAME TIME!
Umm... do you think that's a good idea... like seriously?
Less pleasant stuff done... have day-mares about work.
It's like... a car, or a cat purring, or like... damn near anything does that.
No, I'm not exagerating on this one. It's damn near freaking me out to hear anything buzzing or humming like that god-forsaken cellphone when it vibrates.
It's the phone... I know it is. It FOLLOWED me. I can't get away... I CAN'T GET AWAY!
There, there... the big, bad phone is gone now.
*shudder* *whimper*
And finally... sleep some more
I can still hear it. I can hear... the buzzing.
It's 3:00am... can we sleep now?
It's vibrating in my SKULL!
*sigh* Apparently not.
Or at least try to, anyway.

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