Mind of a businessman

If there's one thing Ridley can plot... it's how to make the most profit :P

THERE we go... a few seconds of peace. NOW... what in gods name did you promise that slew of creatures to make them help a known, self-admitted minion-killer such as yourself?
Well, to start with, I had to promise to try not to kill them.
That kinda goes without saying. I'm going to assume that you did a bit more than say that you'll try not to commit genocide... despite the fact that we BOTH know that you were going to slaughter them anyway.
Oh no, I have no intentions of killing them.
Y'see... I just promised them all to have unlimited free riding privileges on the Super Happy Fun Slide.
Uhh... Ridley? Are you...
Shh... calculating. Lessee... number of meals... the available room... hmm... potential market... I'll make a FORTUNE! But to sell it all before it goes bad, I must have a massive buffet... and then...
Ah, ok then. I'll leave you to your plotting.

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