A little too busy

Well now they're all riled up and wanding some sweet slide action. However... a bunch of whiny enemies will drive anyone insane :P

Moments later
Yo Ridley, I've got something you might want. Where do ya want the supplies?
Ehh... for the sake of not divulging secret locations, toss it in the back.
Secret wha?
Never mind.
Several minutes of dragging and hauling later...
So Ridley, in case you hadn't guessed, I got a bit of help with the crops.
Yeah, I kinda figured as much.
Hey, what's this about the slide?
I wanna have fun.
Yeah, I wanna slide now.
Can we slide?
Samus said we get extra sliding.
I'm bored.
Where's the slide.
Samus promised us.
My wings are tired.
Don't hurt me!
Wow... enemies in groups area really annoying.

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