Digression: part 1

Ok... alright... steady myself... this is gonna take all my nerves, skill, and a healthy dose of luck to pull off... but when I do, it's TOTALLY going to be the awesomest thing in the existence of forever. Awright... let's do this thing... LET'S DO THIS! YAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *bwam* *bvwee* *run*
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

But as you may have heard, things are busy as hell lately, not to mention tight as hell in regards to spending money. I occasionally used to make idiotic jokes about us not being able to afford luxuries like food... but that's starting to get pretty damn accurate.

But before you get too worried or anything, things are looking up-ish. At least one of the primary concerns at the moment is taken care of, and the others aren't quite as... shall we say... imminent as the others. I'll give you more detail in the following few comic strips.

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