Digression: part 2

If you don't understand why I would need to pay both rents... it's because 99.98% of apartments have you renew your lease for 1 year. Ours was renewed in August, so legally, if they could not rent out the place, we would technically be legally responsible for paying rent until next August when the lease expired. But it's all good... they found another taker.

So, with the previously mentioned up-ish thing... long story short, we're currently in the process of moving. Not too far away... a few miles to another section of the city... and it saves us a good hundred or so bucks a month... so that's good.

Y'see, the primary concern with that was that we didn't have much notice to give our CURRENT landlord, so if they weren't able to find another renter, we'd be stuck paying the rent for BOTH apartments... and that just wouldn't be possible.

However, lady luck decided to deal us a helping hand for like... the first time ever... and the current place has a taker. Now all of my spare time is fixing up any holes we made in the walls (since I want my damage deposit back) and packing up all our crap to haul it over to the new place.

And for the record... you have NO idea how much crap you actually own until you try to fit it all into boxes. CRIPES I like to collect junk apparently... and we're only working on the SURFACE clutter. We haven't even TOUCHED the drawers yet!

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