Digression: part 3

Just so you know... I'm a Customs Broker at the moment... the job ONLY taken because it wasn't through a temp-agency, and there is extremely little chance of getting laid-off (since we're blindingly understaffed, and thus overworked... and they refuse to hire more people... but that's besides the point). Words cannot describe how badly I want to leave this job... but I can't, plain and simple. I can and will starve if I do right now.

Of course, I'm still on the lookout for a higher-paying, less hate-filled job. Moreso the former of the two, since I can take a lot of misery if it helps pay the bills. I'm actually getting paid a lot lower than the average wage for my current position.

But as I've said before, good jobs are damn hard to find 'round these parts nowadays. Virtually everything now is done through temp-agencies, which under-pay you so they can get their cut, and 9 times out of 10, you get laid-off after a month or so. And almost ALL companies only hire temps now!

I suppose that's all fine and good if you're living with your parents, but for people trying to make a living, it just doesn't work! But... I ramble. Other money problems are slightly more distant, and things are slightly starting to look up. I'll pull through... I'm a survivor.

But that's about it. Just wanted to digress from the comic for a bit to let you know why things have been late... lately. Besides, it's not like I cut away from the comic when something exciting was about to happen. Those times are rare at best.

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