Frustracation: Part 2

I'll just be leaving this empty for the rest of 'Frustracation', since it all pretty much self-explanatory.

In either case, as I was saying... I'm in the long, agonizing process of moving. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... you have no clue how much crap you own until you try cramming it into boxes.

But for those of you that keep up with the comic daily... or even weekly, you'll have noticed that the updates suddenly... died, and there was little to no notice or update or posting from me. This little bit of frustration was a direct cause of us having no notice as to when we could move in.

Basically... sometime in the evening of November 24th (I think), we got a phone call from the new landlord saying we could move in. Within an hour, we were cramming anything not currently in a box into... a box. This included the phone, router, and generally any form of communication.

Now, we had told the phone company that we were moving, and they were set to come out on November 30th... my birthday coincidentally. Not a bad present... getting the internet back and whatnot. Yeah, THAT went smoothly. Read on...

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