Frustracation: Part 3

Empty I say!

Edit: I've since become more of a minimalist.

Some time later...
So... in the span of one weekend... about 90% of it being on a Saturday (Nov. 25th), Daemona, her family, myself, and a few friends hauled at least 15 metric tons of crap to the new place. And I have come to learn... that I am a pack-rat.
-Hardwood floors, yo!-

And hauling crap OUT of boxes is about half as fun as putting it in. At least 1/3 of our stuff is still encased in its cardboard prison. The computer was only de-boxed on December 1st! For those who saw me post in the shoutbox... that was all from work... which for the record, I still hate.

The chair... which will be replaced shortly, thanks to me at least getting a Costco card through work, was about the only cushy furniture for a few days while we waited for actual movers to come and haul the REALLY heavy stuff. Stuff like an old-ass couch that I swear must be filled with cement.

But yeah... not having any... body-builder friends, so to speak (we all might not be weak, but we're all gamer nerds nonetheless), we had to get the big things hauled by professionals... who of course managed to screw up. They didn't break anything, but their idiocy delayed delivery by another day.

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