Minion soup

Hell, Now I want some minion soup.

And if you're wondering why several strips are missed... once again, view the text at the bottom of strip 912. The ACTUAL previous strip is the end of a tale of woe about moving, and can be found here.

Jeeze... now I feel bad. Hey, heeeeey. C'mon now Ophelia. I'm not saying that you ate your species, I'm just saying there's a chance, a SMALL chance, that you didn't NOT eat Metroid.
Now c'mon... y'know what'd make you feel better?
*sniff* What?
A nice big bowl of... umm... uhh... crap. RIDLEY, WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE?
Crap. Umm... what are the odds you'd like a big bowl of water?
Go to hell.
We could mix fried minion into it... turn it into minion soup.
*turn* Ok, now you're talkin'. Let's make this happen.
*hop* Hell, I'm up for that too!

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