Frustracation: Part 5

And this is the end of them.

So until today... December 6th, 2007... noone could communicate with us. Our cellphone ran out of minutes, and we couldn't afford to put more on. For all intents and purposes, we were cut off from pretty much everyone except phoning from work.

I couldn't really post anything else in the shoutbox from work, since it's been busy as hell, and we're not actually allowed to... y'know... post things. If I could have put time on my cellphone, I could ahve posted to 'Twitter', and at least got word out THAT way... or called a friend to go use their internet.

But no, we can't afford luxuries like cellphones, or food. Or shelter come to think of it... that's why we moved to a place with cheaper rent. Yep, after this fun, I'm 200 bucks in overdraft after paying rent, and still have Christmas presents to buy. Isn't life FUN?!? IT's been a REAL happy birthday this year.

But enough bitching about all that. It's all done, I get paid a bit in a week, and I should be able to start saving money sorta as time goes on. It's all uphill at this point. And so... I return you to the storyline thrice interrupted. Hopefully this will be the last, unless I want to complain more on Friday.

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