A little white lie

He's always been a little gullible.

Ok, well... my selling out anything for a profit aside... what do you want me to DO, exactly?
Stop harming innocent animals for profit, and have any animals killed for the purposes of eating killed humanely and/or naturally.
Umm... no.
In that case, you leave me no choice. I'm gonna have to wrangle you, crikey you at LEAST three new ones to teach you a lesson, and then destroy the bar to put an end to the horror and anguish.
Ok then... yes.
There... was that so hard? I'm going to go and tell ALL the minions that there's nothing to fear from this point on!
Dont tell me you're ACTUALLY going to...
Pfft, that'll happen the day Kraid gets laid. It got him off my back, didn't it?
Yeah, but he'll be pissed later.
Hey, I'm right here, you know.

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