...But that's debatable

Well, as long as they don't actually TRY anything on Kabutroid... the plan STILL has merit. The question is... can Samus be bluffed?

For starters, I'm pretty sure I'd just stop you if you actually tried doing anything. It's not like I'm actually disabled from doing ANYTHING in here.
...would HAVE To believe tha...
I was just seeing what you guys were up to when this jar clamped over me, after which you two squealed like little girls about having caught me.
...start by electrocuting the...
The ONLY reason I'm still here is because listening to your stupid plan is friggin' hilarious. And hey... are you two even listening to me?
*smash* *break*
...but when I show them Metroid-thingy screaming in...
*poof* *poof*
Whoops, crap... sorry 'bout that. Bah, why am I even apologizing... you're ignoring everythign I say anyway. You'd just better keep being amusing.
...will have to bow to ME, the GREATEST ruler of...

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