It might actually work...

If I was Samus, especially at this particular time, Mother Brain's plan might actually have some weight behind it.

Also, shouldn't it be QUEEN of Zebeth?
Whatever, shutup. All that matters is that it's ny planet now, and I can do whatever I want with it?
Such as DESTROY Samus and that backstabbing traitor Kraid.
How? Again, what part about 'Metroid-thingy is useless and did nothing' didn't you catch?
Oh please... all I need to do is tell Samus that I have her under my control, and I could make her do ANYTHING. She would be my PUPPET!
Hmm... ok, that DOES have some merit to it. But what if she doesn't believe you or care?
Well, I'd start by threatening Metroid-thingy with torture to make her do stuff, and just y'know... follow through with it until she does.
Umm... I think I might have a problem with that.

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