Crocomire Hunter's new quest

Well, he's succeeded with Ridley (as far as he knows), avoids Samus due to her tendancy to snap and go berserk, so far just tolerates Kraid, since he knows his lust for Samus (and thus his killing minions with Samus to be with her) will override most anything... so the next target for reformation would be none other than Mother Brain.

Ok, so if I'm to understand this right, you're basically stuck between being smashed by Mother Brain, and being blasted by Samus.
Yeah, that's about the gist of it.
And it's not like this is only us, either. This is like... a planet-wide order to minions here.
Hmm... that IS quite the problem. Now, I've already tried reforming Samus, but that doesn't really work. Therefore, we're going to have to take the OTHER route.
You can't POSSIBLY be referring to-
Thaaaaat's right! We're going to REFORM MOTHER BRAIN!
And you're all gonna help me!
Oh COME ON! We might as well be dead already then.
THAT'S the spirit!
Crap, Samus is probably faster and less painful, too.

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