No time for an exorcism

If you're confused at all, watch the movie 'The Exorcist'.

So, it's decided. Let's get started, shall we? *hop*
Wait, do you even have a plan?
And can you even get down?
*hop* *twist* *glomp*
C'mon, time's a wasting. Let's start picking up the pace here!
Ok man, you're really starting to creep us out here. Stop doing that?
Stop doing what?
That... wall thing. I sure as hell know you're not a walk-walking minion, so don't make me get a priest and some holy water or something.
Well, I could always grapple onto YOU, and you could float me down.
Yeah, no... I'd drop like a stone. Just go down so we can get this over with.
You guys don't sound too enthusiastic or excited about what we're doing.
Yeah, strange how we're not ecstatic about going to what will undoubtably be our deaths.
Oh, you're such kidders.
Ehehe, always the joker. *crawl*
You suck.

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