Too much enthusiasm

In true crikey fashion.

Oh, and if you want to skip the whole 'Work/wedding-based relaxation vacation' period... you best bet is to just go back to the main index page and pick the storyline underneath 'Acts of Kabutroid'. It goes on for several months.

But anyway... we're wasting valuable time. Which way is Mother Brain.
*sigh* She's off thataway, but...
Well, whatcha waiting for fellas? LET'S GET HER! YAAAAAAAAAAH!

No, wait... slow down you moron! It's not like she's fifty feet that way in a straight line!
And not only that, but there's-
Ech, too late.
Oh, this is going to get messy.
*land* *hop*
For one, theres a giant-ass pit just over here.
And the spikes at the bottom probably don't feel the greatest either, huh?
Or how about that nice layer of lava that flows over the base of the spikes?
Yeah, good idea bolting ahead of us, man.

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