Vacation intro part 2

Blah, blah, blah.

So yeah... with the wedding looming closer, adding extra stress, it's obviously been difficult on me. Thus, from now until after the wedding... April 18th... we will experience the longest bout of pseudo-filler known to Zebeth! Don't expect them on time, either... I'll likely make it all during weekends, or whenever I have time.

What will it be about? Anything a .god could want to do on the planet. Abuse my powers to make silly little... things, that are still technically occuring in the storyline... technically. You'll see what I mean over time. Or I might just chat, just as I'm doing right now, about what's going on in life at the moment.

Don't want to see boring chatter or pseudo-filler? No problem, I won't feel the slightest bit bad if you decide to just leave the site for a few months. It'll get back to normal sometime after the wedding like I said... just pretend I'm on vacation, and go outside and geocache or something during the time you'd normally read the comic.

At this point... this IS vacation for me. I'm still making comics... sorta... and there's no stress. If I actually permanently miss a comic or four... hey, no problem in my mind. With the extra '4 or 5 comics in a week' I've pulled a number of times over the years, I'm still ahead in my eyes.

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