How I feel today

I do have plans by the way. Just not the resources to accomplish them.

*bvwee* *flutter*
Hey Kabs, how's it going?
*mumble* *grumble*
TODAY! Today is the day that I step up my plans to build my doomsday device, the likes of which shall send the earth into a nightmarish hell which has never before been witnessed by man.
The pitiful survivors will refuse to speak my name for fear that invoking it will unleash an evil a THOUSAND TIMES WORSE THAN THAT WHICH HAS ALREADY DESTROYED THEIR LIVES!
Jeeze girl, you could have just said it's been a rough day.
Would you like to see my plans? They're on the table.
Nnnah, I'm good. I think I have a bomb-shelter to go build.
Oh, that won't help, trust me.

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