A little bit distracted

Counting pogs is important!

If you stumbled across this comic randomly and frame 3 confuses you, this may help. Lol, my pre-trans days.

Hey... is it my imagination, or has it become kinda... unusually boring around here lately?
Yeah, I've kinda felt that way too... Almost as if like... nothing is happening anymore.
tCrap, that could be bad. What, d'you think that like... Metroid-thingy forgot about us and will wipe everything out or something?
I don't know...but usually when things get weird, it somehow involves her.
Y'know, she's probably just like... really tired or something. She was blithering on about wedding plans and work and stuff last I saw her. There's NOTHING more important than US, after all.
Well, not ME, anyway.
Shutup, I count pogs.
...I don't even know how to respond to that.

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