Somewhere safe

Well, it IS close to Kabutroid's gaming lair... I guess...

Don't go! You could be the that that's it that I'm looking for! IF you're the it that's that that I think it is, then it's that that's the answer to it all!
Wow. That's about all you can say about something like that.
Although, it's a good thing I wandered over here. MAN, when I spread the word that Mother Brain has transformed into a rutabaga, it's gonna be CHAOS! We're finally free from that psycho's control...
Whup, gonna have to stop you there. My senses... and by that I mean "dialogue scanning program"... tell me that you know too much.
Huh? Know too much about what? Don't tell me that YOU turned Mother Brain into a...
-Kabutroid's Metroid Relocation Area - Do not break glass - This means you, Kraid-
Oh super. Now where in the world did she teleport me t... ah hell.
<What the...>

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