A hard lesson learned

EDIT: I debated whether to re-word this comic, since I was making a guys vs. girls type of gag at the time, but hadn't yet realised my being trans. It was still funny at the time :)

An actual conversation that took place...
Hey Kabs... you're getting crow's-feet.
What?!? No I'm not!
Yes you are. I can totally see them when you're smiling.
I don't have crow's-feet!
Yes you do.
No I don't.
Yes you do.
Yeah well... so do you!
Nope, because only guys get crow's feet.
Well then what do women get?
...Oh right... OLD! AAAHAHAHAHAA!!!
Kabutroid learns a valuable lesson today. Using quote ideas from Married With Children in real life equals bad. Very bad.

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