The reality of weddings

Think of anything to do with a wedding. Anything at all. No matter how tiny, miniscule, or seeingly irrelevant. The cheapest that tiny, insignificant thing will EVER cost you is $100. Seriously. If we wanted to get married in a church, the ABSOLUTE cheapest it's physically capable of being (no dress, no suit, no rings, no guests, no ANYTHING except the act of saying our vows in a church... is $550. Split between FIVE different sources. Each one being $100 or more. And now you know.

Ugh... can the past few weeks POSSIBLY get ANY busier? I thought weddings were supposed to be fun, not make you want to spiral the earth into the sun in order to punish and destroy humanity.
Kabs, what are you doing resting? You KNOW that after your 10 hour shift today, you have to arrange a meeting with 7 more people, call back 12 people, and pay ludicrous amounts of money to everyone and their dog.
Ugh. If we ignore all of that, will it go away?
No... I tried.
Dang. Are you gonna help out?
I just listed off the pile with less to do as is.
Can I just get like... two minutes of rest?
Better not. While we were talking, we each got another three thigns to call, and another five hundred to pay out.

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