Not doing his job

And now a quick, easy to make mini-story just prior to the wedding. As of making this strip, it is exactly 6 days away from the wedding (seeing as it's just after midnight, thus making it now Saturday... us getting married the following Friday).

Edit: Ended up getting divorced down the road, but enjoy the comics anyway :P

One week from the wedding...
Ok... as best man, I've gotta make sure Kabs doesn't snap or something. I'd better check on her to make sure the stress isn't getting to her.
--Whoops, she was marrying a girl all along.
Hey Kabs... you look surprisingly relaxed. Nervous about the big day or anything?
Eh, not really. I'm more looking forward to the time off work than anything.
Whew... that's always good. I was a bit worried that the thought of your life being forever with another person... forever... might have gotten to you. Because it IS forever, y'know. Forever's a long time. But if you're cool with it, that's good. But hey, I forgot... I left some snacks in the car.
What are you in the mood fo... ah, hell. Daemona's gonna kill me.

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