Out to lunch

Kill you for what?
ACK! Oh hey, look at that... you were right behind me. That's... just wonderful. So... whatcha doing around here, anyway?
I live here. What's your excuse?
Ahaha... good one... live here... right. I definitely know what Kabs sees in your sense of humour.
Speaking of Kabs... where IS Kabs? I assume you're over to visit her?
Yep, to visit her, and TOTALLY not talk her out of the wedding or anything stupid like that.
That's probably good... because if you did, I'd have to break your face.
Good, good... sure won't be doing that then.
But you never DID answer me. Where'd Kabutroid go?
Umm... out.
Out? Out where?!? We've got things to do still, stuff to plan, and aren't you throwing her batchelorette party sometime soon?
Yyyeah. And yep, that'll certainly be fun. What's a batchelorette party without a batchelorette?
Exactly... so go get her. Yyyyeah...

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