The price of being useless

Y'know what the weird part is, shortly after making this comic... as in like a half-hour after... I got a message from a friend on my Wii. Strange coincidences... or can I see into... THE FUTURE!

Ok, think think think... what else can I check. MINIONS! Those guys are like... everywhere! If ANYONE is going to have seen where Kabs or Daemona went, one of them will ahve. Time to start questioning anything that moves.
Hours later...
Hey man... or girl... whatever you are.
Oh, thanks. THAT'S not an insult.
Uh, yeah... sorry... but in either case, have you seen Kabutroid kicking around anywhere?
Not in the past while. Unless you mean in my nightmares.
Hey, c'mon... don't be a jerk.
Several days later...
You... please, PLEASE tell me that you've seen Kabutroid around recently!
Only in my nightmares man, only in my nightmares.
Why does everyone keep saying that?!?
Ok, aside from learning that she does NOTHING to help the endless minion-slaughter, and that pretty much all of them harbour some kind of grudge against her for it... I haven't figured out where she is in the slightest. Where the hell else can she hide?!? I'll check her Wii... maybe someone messaged her or something... I'm running outta ideas here.

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