You don't want to know

Well, there's only one egg-layer around the bar...

Ok... no panicking yet. There's still time. Kabs disappeared first... so let's work on her before she gets too far away. Now... where would a Kabutroid go if she's freaked, needs to get away for a while, or is nervous. The bar, of course!
Ridley! PLEASE tell me you've seen Kabutroid around here. She might be in a weird mood.
She was here a few minutes ago, but suddenly took off like a bat outta hell.
Damnit! She must have heard I was coming.
Several minutes earlier...
Man Kraid... I've always wondered. How in the hell do you STAY that fat?
I eat mayo from the jar with a straw!
That's... disgusting. Excuse me, I have to go off and vomit now.
On a related note... I invented some stuff to go with the drinks and food here, such as mayonnaise. And jars. And straws. But MAN, to make that mayo, there's only ONE source of eggs around here, and...
Sorry, I'd love to chat, but I have a pair of lives to un-ruin.
Oh, ok. Have fun with that.

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