The awesome stranger

Often in the case of a car accident... a completely unbiased, unrelated stranger's testimony is the most powerful.

One of my new wife's relatives rented us the biggest limo available in the city as a present... naturally, some douche had to ruin it for us.
Y'see... some dumb broad thought it would be a good idea to cut right the hell in front of a fully loaded with 9 people limo and hammer on the brakes. Because y'know... fully-packed limos are SO well known for being able to stop on a dime.
Naturally, we hit her. She got out and argued that it wasn't her fault, despite ALL of us saying she cut us off. However, some stranger came up and comfirmed she cut us off. WE all cheered her on, completely mortifying the douchebag. She finally gave up and left after swapping info with the driver.
There was no visible damage or anything, so we were able to keep going and stuff. It was just awesome how we kept cheering on the random stranger who agreed that the woman was a total bitch. So that'll be something to remember about that day.

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