A slight mistake

And then there was a... slight mistake during the wedding vows part of the ceremony. Now why would Kabutroid have a worried look on her face?
Wait a minute... what's wrong with this picture? No ring on her left hand ring finger? Yep... we put the ring on the wrong hand. I spent the rest of the ceremony carefully trying to cover up this faux-pas.
I couldn't get it off during the ceremony to fix it, so I just kept covering it up. Pretty good, too. I don't think a single picture exists of it on my wrong hand. Course, there's dozens of pictures of my left hand NOT having a ring... but that's a bit less noticeable.
I quite like the ring, too. Yellow gold edging, white gold center with a hammered-finish. What's with the spouse picking the ring? We picked our own.
When we got back to the limo to go off and take pictures before the reception, I was able to wet my finger so I could slide the ring off and put it on the correct hand.

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