Schrödinger's rock

Sometimes, you can only count on yourself for help. And I hope your browser can view the o with two dots on top of it... otherwise the title might look weird.

...Look, I'm just saying Schrödinger's cat would have died of lack of oxygen or starvation LONG before the experiment ever came to a close.
Well, it doesn't have to be a cat. It could have been a plant. Or hell, even a rock.
Schrödinger's rock?!? How would THAT work?
*grunt* *strain*
All you need is a mechanism that can smash...
Oohh, hold up. I think I hear some activity down in the pit.
*climb* *grumble* *un-impale* *pull*
Heeey, Croc-boy... long time no see. How's it hanging? Learn any lessons in the past while?
Oh, go to hell.

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