Croc's mafia

It's like they joined a mob... only they didn't have any choice in the matter.

Well, thanks for letting me spend that long in pain, fellas. AND, I didn't even get to wrangle anything for my trouble.
Y'know, we never DID ask for your help with Mother Brain.
Yeah, in fact I specifically remember indicating that this plan will mean almost certain doom.
That's what I'M still thinking.
Oh yeah, no question.
So forgive us for not helping you speed up our death, in manners so horrible, only a giant brain can come up with them. We have this thing about not wanting to die and such.
I'd still talk you out of it if I could. So... can I?
Aww, isn't that cute... you're all still scared of Mother Brain. Well don't worry ANY longer! Now c'mon... let's to teach her a lesson.
Crap... looks like it's still on, guys.
MAN, it's like we joined the mob... there's no way out. Only HE'S doing all the joining.

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