Pokemon Fight Back


Well, I think it's about time to make a chapter 3 to this little tale of mine....... Anyway, I last stopped when Eric and Jane were checking to see if their Pokemon were in good condition and wouldn't attack them. They seemed appeased that their remaining Pokemon wouldn't turn on them.... But who really knows?

And what of Team Ricochet (gee, I wonder what Team that could be... just wait till you see my little poem that they say before each battle :} )? They haven't been seen yet.... Well, look back to the game on Gameboy people!!! You don't hear of Team Ricochet (remember the earlier note) for a while, and I'm going by the game, somewhat.

If you thought chapter one and two were getting kinda too bloody for those sensitive, younger readers, I highly suggest turning back now, because there's gonna be a lot more of that in the coming chapters. So remember: YOU WERE FOREWARNED (well, not much in these chapters, but there's some cool, mind bending damage done to an old friend of ours)!

Anyway, I call this chapter:

Chapter 3: The new Pokemon

Eric and Jane finished their meal and decided to go try to beat Brick (now who does that sound like?). They called back their Pokemon, this time making sure that ALL of them were back in their pokeballs. They left the pokecenter and started off towards Brick's gym. Along the way, Eric let Florin out to get some last-minute exercise.

"Alright, let's see what my Florin can do to these rocks.", said Eric cheerfully.

"Bulba-bulbasaur.", said Florin.

"Alright, he thinks he can slaughter this guy.", said Eric. "Let's go show them what Pallet town Pokemon are made of!"

"I think I'll just follow along for moral support, and let you get the badges for now.", said Jane. "I don't think my Inferno's high enough level to beat these rocks."

"Don't worry. Florin can do it.", replied Eric.

The two continued towards the gym when they saw some rustling in the bushes.

"Huh?", said Eric, startled. "What was that?"

"I think it's another Pokemon.", replied Jane.

"Well, as long as it isn't a Ratatta, I'm gonna catch it.", continued Eric.

Eric snuck up on the rustling and looked into the bush.

"Ahh!", shouted Eric. "It's a yellow rat, with a crooked tail!"

By this time, Jane has already pulled out her pokedex.

"Pikachu.", said the pokedex. "Information: unknown."

"Well, at least it's not another Ratatta.", chuckled Eric. "Let's find the information on this guy."

"Go, Florin!"

Florin ran up from beside Eric into a battle position.

"Vine whip it! Let's see if this new skill will hurt him much.", said Eric enthusiastically.

"BULBA!", said Florin as he whipped one of his vines towards the Pikachu.

The Pikachu flew back a couple of feet, then regained its balance.

Suddenly, the Pikachu seemed to glow for a second, and blasted Florin with a bolt of electricity. Florin flew back very dazed and hurt.

"Bul-bul-bul", said Florin through the pain.

"Ack! He nailed you, but good, Florin. Back, I say, back!", shouted Eric.

Florin zipped back into his pokeball. Eric pulled another one out of his backpack.

"Go, Pidgey!", shouted Eric, tossing the pokeball to the ground.

"Pid-pidge", squeaked the small Pidgey.

"Throw some sand in it's eyes.", said Eric.

Pidgey flapped its wings and blew up a gust of sand towards the Pikachu. It stumbled and started to rub its eyes. It tried to quickly attack Pidgey, but was pointed in the wrong direction and ran into a tree instead.

"Ok, Pidgey, gust him to polish him off."

Pidgey flapped his wings again and threw the already flailing Pikachu into another tree.

"Excellent!", said Eric as he tossed an empty pokeball towards the Pikachu.

The Pikachu was pulled into the pokeball. It thrashed about wildly inside of it, but was too beaten down to be able to escape. The pokeball confirmed the capture with a ping as the timer stopped.

"Alright, got him!", shouted Eric excitedly. "Let's go haul all these guys back to the pokecenter for a minute."

"I'll say. Your Florin took quite a beating back there.", replied Jane.

"Well, I didn't know this thing could shock stuff.", said Eric, trying to defend Florin.

"Either way, let's get him nice and healed up.", said Eric, wandering back towards the pokecenter.

After a short walk to and from the pokecenter, they finally arrived at the gym. As they were about to open the door, they heard some voices behind them.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"But we're still outside...", interrupted Eric.

"Hey, let us finish here!", said one of the people.

"To unite evil in all it's glory."

"To destroy good in some way gory."

"To steal Pokemon for no good reason."

"To commit ourselves to things like treason."



"Team Ricochet blasts off out of sight." *

"So what do you morons want?", said Eric impatiently.

"We want your Pokemon!", replied Joseph.

"Well, I left my Ratatta back at the pokecenter if you want it.", said Eric, smiling evilly.

"That'll do for now.", replied Jamie. "We need some more Pokemon to begin with."

And with those closing words, they ran off towards the pokecenter.

Eric and Jane looked at eachother in confusion.

"What the heck was that all about?", said Eric.

"I don't know, but it annoyed me lots, with their stupid song.", replied Jane.

"Well, I hope they like my Ratatta", said Eric, laughing.

"Didn't they throw that out yet?", asked Jane.

"No, not yet, they were still examining it when we left.", said Eric.

"Well, they're in for a surprise.", finished Jane.

Eric and Jane decided to not let anything else stop them from getting their badge, so they quickly entered the gym.

As they walked down the hallway, a man walked up to them and stopped them in their tracks.

"Hey, what are you two doing here?", asked the man.

"We're here to get me that rock badge thingy.", replied Eric.

"Well, first, you gotta get by me. GO GEODUDE!", shouted the man. **

"Ok then, GO FLORIN!", shouted Eric back.

"Florin???", questioned the man.

"If you don't like it, you can just let us through.", said Eric. "Florin, vine whip that rock!"

Florin wrapped up his vines into a tight whip and smashed it down onto the Geodude. The Geodude was hammered against the stone ground and was instantly knocked unconscious.

"Aww, nuts, all I have is another Geodude. I think I'll just let you two by.", said the man, walking away in defeat. "Back, Geodude."

The Geodude flew back into the man's pokeball as he walked off in dismay.

"Well, that was easy.", exclaimed Eric, looking down at his very proud Florin.

"Yeah, but I've heard that Brick's Pokemon are higher leveled.", said Jane.

"Don't worry. If Florin can smash this punk's Pokemon, he'll do a heckuva lotta damage to Brick's.", replied Eric as he continued down the hallway.

As they walked into a large room, another man with a stern face walked up to them.

"So, your the one's who hurt my friend's Geodude?", asked Brick.

"Yeah, I'm the one, now let's battle. I want that badge.", said Eric.

"Good luck, my friend, you'll need it.", said Brick. "GO ONIX!"

"GO FLORIN!", cried Eric.

"Onix, tackle that plant.", said Brick.

The Onix lunged towards Florin, but missed and slid across the room.

"Good, now Florin, vine whip that thing back."

Florin gathered his whips together once again and slapped the Onix across the back with them. The Onix fell, nearly dead.

"Back Onix!", said Brick quickly. "Let's try you Graveller."

The Graveller flew across the room and landed next to Florin. It lifted up one of its arms and smacked the Bulbasaur into the ground.

"Alright, he's down!", said Brick excitedly.

But Florin wasn't down for long. He suddenly stood up and started to glow.

"What'd you do to my Florin?", asked Eric.

Before Brick could answer, Florin began to evolve before their eyes. The bulb on his back opened up and revealed leaves and a flower bud underneath.

"Alright!", said Eric. "Now I've got an Ivysaur!"

"Hurry Florin, do something while they're confused.", he continued.

Florin ruffled some of the leaves on his back and flung them towards the Graveller. The leaves sliced into the Graveller's side and left a gaping wound. As blood (mudd?) started to pour onto the ground, Brick conceded defeat and called back his Pokemon.

"Nice fighting, guy.", said Brick. "Here's your badge."

"Call me Eric, and thanks.", replied Eric, taking the badge from Brick.

"You know, if your Florin hadn't evolved, I might ha....", he stopped.

"Florin? What kinda name is Florin anyway?", questioned Brick.

"Look, just drop it.", said Eric as he walked out of the gym.

"Sure, and, here, as a reward for beating me so quickly, I'll even give you a Geodude as a parting gift.", finished Brick.

"Hey, thanks!", said Eric as he took the pokeball.

As they left the building, Eric started to comment on how that joke about his Pokemon's name was getting old when they saw the two people from before running towards them.

"I kind of assumed they'd be back.", said Eric.

"What did you do to that poor Ratatta?!?", shouted Jamie.

"It tried to kill me, so I had to get to it before it got to me.", replied Eric.

"Well, now your gonna pay.", said Joseph.

"Yeah, yeah...", said Eric, trailing off his sentence as he walked away from them.

"Hey, you...", started Joseph, but Jamie stopped him.

"Let them go for now. We still don't have many Pokemon, and probably wouldn't beat him if he was able to take Brick. We'll just bide our time.", said Jamie as they watched Eric and Jane walk into the forest.

As Eric and Jane walked into the bushes in search of more Pokemon, Jane spotted some movement in a tree.

"Alright, I think I found one.", said Jane grabbed the pokeball containing Pidgey."

"Go Pidgey, scare him out of the tree!", shouted Jane as the pokeball opened up.

"Pid-pidgey-pidge!", replied Pidgey as it flew up into the tree.

Pidgey located the Pokemon in the tree and used gust to blow it off of the branches. The Pokemon quickly lost its balance and plummeted towards the ground. When it hit the ground, it was pretty shaken up, so Jane just tried to toss a pokeball at it already.

"Pin-pinsir?", said the Pokemon as the ball closed around it.

"After a couple seconds of vigorous struggling, the ball announced its capture with the trademark ping.

"Did it say 'Pinsir' back there?", asked Eric.

"Yeah!", replied Jane. "They're really hard to find in these parts, and I couldn't have done it without the help of my Pidgey.", smiled Jane as she scratched the Pidgey behind the ears (or whatever is on the side of a bird's head).

"Pidgey-pidgey.", said Pidgey, snuggling up against Jane's hand.

"Alright. You've got a Pinsir!", said Eric enthusiastically as Jane called Pidgey back into it's pokeball. ***

*: I didn't want to have a Meowth at the end of the poem, because I have some plans for how a Pokemon's (not necessarily Meowth) gonna assume that position, so just wait and see.....

**: I don't off hand remember what these guys had as Pokemon, so I'm just picking some random rock-type Pokemon for Eric and Jane to fight.

***: Don't bother saying that you don't get Pinsir anywhere near here, or that you get a Geodude with the first badge. I have plans for these Pokemon. Oh yes, I have plans indeed >:}.

Chapter 4: The return of Squirt (Oooohhhh, sounds ominous)

As Eric and Jane returned to the Pewter City pokecenter, they were both very happy. Jane had caught an as of now rare Pinsir, and Eric had later managed to catch both a Nidoran male AND Nidoran female. After they healed their Pokemon, they each decided to put all but their three main Pokemon into the computer for storage. This way, they would have room to catch more Pokemon and train them without returning to the pokecenter.

Eric had kept Florin, the newly evolved Ivysaur, Pikachu, and the Geodude Brick had given him. Jane, meanwhile, kept out her Charmander Inferno, Pidgey, and Pinsir. At this point, it was already getting late into the day, and they decided to sleep another night in Pewter.

In the meantime, Joseph and Jamie had wandered over to Pallet town training the Pokemon they caught. At this point, Jamie had fished up a Poliwhirl and was training it, while Joseph had stolen a Magmar from a kid on the road.

"Alright!", exclaimed Jamie. "My Poliwhirl is learning new moves as we speak!".

"Good, good.", replied Joseph. "Except that this stupid Magmar isn't listening to my commands. I need to catch something in order to get a badge or two."

At this specific moment, Squirt, who had been lurking in the bushes nearby, watching the action, decided to walk out of his hiding place.

"Look over there!", shouted Joseph. "A Pokemon! GO MAGMAR!"

"Mag-magma.", said Magmar as he looked over at Squirt.

"Ember it Magmar.", shouted Joseph.

But Magmar just looked at Joseph and layed down on the ground.

Squirt started to walk towards Joseph.

"OH COME ON!!! Fine, use swift then!"

Magmar kinda got up, flailed it's arms, and hurt itself in doing so.

"Oh, you stupid Magmar, can't you do just ONE attack?", screamed Joseph. "Never mind,

I'll try something else. Something that our leader Vladmere got for me."

Joseph, mad at this point, took out a pokeball labeled ultraball and tossed it at the uninjured Pokemon. It sucked Squirt inside of it, but several seconds of struggling had reopened the pokeball. Joseph tried another one with the same results. By this time, Squirt had gotten himself pretty tired thrashing out of the ultraballs. When Joseph tried his third ultraball, Squirt didn't even bother to try to get out, knowing that he would be unsuccessful.

"ALRIGHT, Got 'em!", screamed Joseph as he went and got his pokeball.

"Good, now you'll finally have a Pokemon that listens to you.", said Jamie sarcastically.

"Although this Pokemon seemed to be very mad for some reason when we first saw it. I think I'd better take it to Vladmere (ie: Giovanni) and see what he has to say on the subject.", continued Joseph.

With that final thought, they walked back over to the Viridian Gym with the captured Squirt.

Upon their return to the gym, it was already the middle of the night, and not a soul was walking the streets.

"Aw, geeze, I hope Vladmere won't be grumpy if we wake him up.", mumbled Jamie.

"Well I have to know what's going on with this Pokemon.", replied Joseph. "And Vladmere knows more on Pokemon than anyone I know."

As they knocked on the door, it soon opened revealing a tall, tired, angry man.


They were both kind of hesitant, but Joseph stepped up and showed him the pokeball containing Squirt. "Uhhh, I.. I caught a Squirtle that was acting strange in Pallet town, and was wondering if you could look at it."

"Pallet town? Squirtle? Could this be the one police are believing killed that young man?", asked Vladmere, his eyes lighting up.

"Uhhhhh...", stammered Joseph. "I'm not sure."

"Give it to me!", shouted Vladmere.

With that, Joseph gave the pokeball to Vladmere, who instantly took it to his chambers and opened it up.

"Go, Squirtle!", shouted Vladmere as he tossed the pokeball near his laboratory bench. Squirt came out and gave them all a very evil look. Joseph hid behind Vladmere in fear of this Pokemon.

"Yes, yes, it's the one!", said Vladmere. "I can see the glimmer of intelligence and cunning that I saw on the news program. I've been wanting to capture him for a while, but could never find him."

Vladmere picked up the Pokemon, who quickly scratched him across the arm. Vladmere ignored this and put him onto the table and strapped him down.

"I can almost feel this beast's rage from here.", said Vladmere. "I knew instantly from the second I saw it that this was no ordinary Pokemon. With a little bit of help, this Pokemon could be capable of speech, and possibly even have a great intellect."

"Bring me the scalpel!", shouted Vladmere towards Jamie, who had wandered near the tools on the table.

She brought it over to him and said, "What are you going to do? I thought you were going to make him better?"

"Ohh, but I am. It just needs some adjustments to it's vocal chords in order to make human sounds.", replied Vladmere as he took the blade.

After putting Squirt into a deep slumber, hours of cutting and adjusting the Pokemon's throat were accomplished, followed by about fifteen injections of different types of fluids into its system. When all was said and done, Squirt seemed to look stronger and was beginning to thrash about in its sleep. When Squirt awoke several hours afterward, it had felt a confusion beyond anything had ever felt. It seemed as though its brain was literally moving it his skull, and his throat was very sore and aching. As he wandered towards a mirror, he noticed the several, deep, new scars across his neck.

"AAHHHHHGGGGG!!!!", screamed Squirt. At this time, Vladmere had reentered the room and was walking towards him.

"Welcome.", said Vladmere. "You will note that your body has changed in ways you can't even imagine."

He continued, "I see you are staring at the scars on your neck. I have made several changes to your vocal chord region, allowing you to speak sounds other than your typical 'Squir-squirtle' sound. You will soon feel yourself wanting to learn more, as I have injected a neurotoxin into your brain cavity, increasing growth of brain cells by an unimaginable amount. I feel that I should take this opportunity before you begin to tell you that you are in a safe place, among friends. You may call me Vladmere."

"Vlad-vladmere?", stammered Squirt, making sounds it had thought impossible several hours earlier.

"Good, and what did that Jerry give you as a name?", replied Vladmere.

"Squirt... vlad-squirt. Did Jer name. Friend Squirt?", continued Squirt, trying to get a better grasp on the language. His new brain cells were absorbing every word that was said and recalling how they were used.

"Good, good, Squirt. Just think. In several days, you will have a complete knowledge of our language, and our plans for your future.", said Vladmere, laughing maniacally.

What will Vladmere do with Squirt? Will Squirt's new knowledge and abilities of speech change his feelings towards mankind? When will Eric and Jane learn that the Pokemon they had once seen had turned to Team Ricochet? Why hasn't anyone made a word that rhymes with 'orange'? Will Squirt be able to comprehend the concept of an orange? And what of that new Pinsir? He's been kind of useless.

The answers to most of these in the next couple chapters.


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