Pokemon Fight Back


Well, once again, I'm off doing nothing right now, seeing as exams are over (yay), so I'll slap another chapter down while I'm here. Course, I'm beginning to wonder if anyone ever reads this stuff anymore, but meh... I write for fun. As well, I have very recently discovered many discrepancies between chapters, that being that Florin is an Ivysaur, NOT a Bulbasaur. So, I have gone back and changed all of the chapters such that Florin is represented as an Ivysaur instead. Bah, time to just write... nuts to any more pre-chapter stuff for this file.

Chapter 15: Eric's anger unleashed (or, The long walk)

Eric awoke with the sun shining in his eyes. Turning over, he banged his head on the corner post of the bed.

"DAMNIT!", shouted Eric in pain. "As if I already didn't have enough injuries, I swear one day I'm going to give myself a concussion." Dragging himself out of bed, he glanced at the clock on the dresser beside him.

"God, it's only 7:30.", mumbled Eric. He needed to catch up on his sleep, but knew that he'd never fall asleep again today. The sun was managing to shine directly onto his pillow where his head was, and this particular pokecenter didn't have any curtains.

Stumbling downstairs, he ordered some bacon and eggs while he was waiting for Jane to wake up. He decided to run through his Pokemon that he had caught to kill time. Upon turning on the computer, he called all of his Pokemon to their appropriate pokeballs and deposited everyone except for Florin. After that, he wandered through his selection (which included the Nidorans, a Pidgey, a Ratatta, a Pikachu, and several random Pokemon he had caught during his wanderings. Withdrawing his Pikachu and male Nidoran, he looked in his backpack to see what other random supplies he currently had.

"Cripes.", muttered Eric. "Only two pokeballs left. I suppose I should buy a couple more."

"What's up?", said Jane from behind him.

"Gah!", said Eric, startled. "Don't do that."

"Man, your pretty upbeat for someone awake before 8:00.", said Jane.

"Damn sun woke me up.", said Eric. "Decided to look through my inventory and see what I've got. Why the hell did you get up?"

"Sun as well.", muttered Jane. "I swear the put those windows in the stupidest places."

"Tell me about it.", said Eric.

"So whaddya got for stuff?", said Jane, looking in Eric's backpack.

"Short of pokeballs, have a mess of random TM's that I plan to throw into the computer, that fossil thingy, moon stone, old food, and other random crap.", rambled Eric, poking around in his bag.

"Damn thing must be getting heavy.", said Jane.

"That would be why I'm letting the computer take most of it.", answered Eric, starting to pull out what he didn't immediately need.

Upon putting the various items into a glass box beside the computer, the machine hummed and dissolved the items one by one into long data strings containing their attributes. * Eventually, Eric had dumped all but several healing potions, his remaining empty pokeballs, and the random scraps of food into the computer. The scraps of food he looked through, and decided that none of it would be very safe for eating. Tossing his garbage into a nearby garbage can, Eric decided to head outside and get some fresh air while Jane sat down to eat.

"Back in a minute.", said Eric. "If I'm not back in about ten minutes, I'm probably buying myself some more pokeballs."

"Yeah, whatever.", said Jane, ordering herself a large plate of pancakes.

As Eric headed outside, the brisk, chilly air woke him up instantly. He walked over to some nearby bushes in search of more Pokemon that he could catch. The only things he saw were a Ratatta running up a tree and some more Pidgeys flying around. In the corner of his eye, he saw that a Spearow had landed on a nearby branch.

"Time to get back into the groove.", said Eric, smiling. "Florin, do your stuff!"

"Iv-ivy.", said Florin, looking up at the Spearow that Eric had thrown him towards.

"Vine whip that thing outta the trees!", said Eric, watching the Spearow's every move.

"Ivy-iv!", shouted Florin as he swung his vines towards the branch, wrapping them around the Spearow's neck and hurtling it towards the ground.

"Spear!", shouted the Spearow as it hit the ground with at thud. It suddenly pecked at Florin's vines in self-defense. Florin pulled back in pain, as this was fairly painful to a grass type Pokemon. Florin was however significantly higher level than the Spearow, and the attack didn't do too much else to him.

"Sweet!", said Eric, pulling out a pokeball. Tossing it beside the injured Spearow, it sucked the Pokemon inside. The pokeball shook for a bit, but then burst open again with a rather annoyed Spearow flying out. This time, it just stood back and growled at Florin, who stepped back, startled from this loud noise.

"Ah hell.", muttered Eric. "Little fella's got too much energy here. Florin, just tackle that thing. See if we can take off a little more energy."

"Ivy-ivysaur.", said Florin, charging the Spearow. The Spearow flew back, barely able to stand by this point. It made a feeble attempt to growl again, but Florin stood his ground, laughing at the attempt (as much as an Ivysaur can laugh).

"Damn near took him out there.", said Eric, getting his last pokeball from his backpack. Once again, he tossed it at the injured Spearow, who was sucked inside and didn't even attempt to get out.

The pokeball pinged that the capture was complete. Eric walked over to the pokeball, smiling.

"That'll show that bird who's master around here.", said Eric, picking it up. Looking at the pokeball, he grinned as he saw the word 'Spearow' on the tiny viewing screen on the bottom of the ball. ** It had been a while since his last battle, and he was quite exhilarated from it. With that, he petted Florin on the head and started to walk to the store to get some more pokeballs. Florin walked beside him, also exhilarated from the fight. He was swinging his vines around random sticks, throwing them as far as he could. The battle only took about two minutes, but it felt like hours to them. Eric decided to put Florin back into his pokeball. He didn't want to chance loosing him in the bushes.

Upon nearing the store, Eric heard a voice behind him.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"Well gee, didn't see this one coming.", said Eric, slightly pissed off.

"To unite evil in all it's glory."

"To destroy good in some way gory."

"Give it a rest already, won't ya?", asked Eric.

"It's our thing that we do.", said Joseph. "So let us do our 'thing'."

"To steal Pokemon for no good reason."

"To commit ourselves to things like treason."



"For God sake, I know your damn names already.", said Eric, tapping his foot.

"Team Ricochet blasts off out of sight."

"Squirt, that's right."

"Bout time.", said Eric. "Now, what specifically do you jackasses want of me?"

"Same as usual, your...", started Squirt. "...Damn... they sliced up your face good."

"Fuck off.", said Eric. "Your neck ain't looking in the hottest shape either there Squirt."

"Touché.", said Squirt.

"At least his scars were for a good cause.", said Jamie. "Your face was just cut apart because your a stupid, inept fighter."

"Take that back, bitch.", said Eric, almost yelling. "At least I'm not ugly as a mule's ass."

"Fuck off Eric!", shouted Jamie, enraged. "Or I'll cut that pretty, no, change that, hideous face of yours moreso!"

"PIPE UP WHORE!", shouted Eric. "I'll fucking fuck you and all your lesbian, fish-eating friends in front of your fucking mothers. Your gonna die bitch!" With that, Eric took a swing at the startled Jamie, slamming his fist into her jaw. Jamie fell down, blood flying from her face. One of her teeth broke off of her jawbone, landing near her head.

"Christ, this is getting serious here.", said Joseph, scared. "Go Magmar!"

"Ma-mag!", said Magmar.

"What's the matter?", asked Eric. "Can't you fight your own battles?"

"Magmar, use ember on that maniac!", shouted Joseph.

"Ma-magma.", said Magmar, blowing a small ball of fire towards Eric, who quickly dodged out of the way.

"Ooohhhh, so close.", said Eric sarcastically. "You just can't help but have your Pokemon do your dirty work. Here's what I think of your feeble Magmar."

With that, Eric jumped to the side and grabbed Joseph's Magmar by the arm. Twisting him around, Eric clenched his arms around the Magmar's neck, getting a firm sleeper hold on it.

"Ma-mag-ma...", gasped Magmar, trying to suck in air. But Eric was holding his neck too tightly.

"Now!", shouted Eric. "Get Jamie to apologize, or your Magmar ain't seeing the light of day again."

"LET HIM GO!", shouted Joseph, who swung his fist towards Eric. Eric twisted himself around so that Joseph nailed his Magmar in the chest.

"...Ma...gma...", gasped Magmar in pain. His face was beginning to turn blue, and the flame on his tail was slowly beginning to die down.

"YOU'RE KILLING HIM!", screamed Joseph.

"MAKE JAMIE APOLOGIZE!", screamed Eric back. At this point, Squirt was helping Jamie to her feet. "There's no laws against killing Pokemon in this town. You can't do a fucking thing to stop me otherwise."

"Jamie, apologize to him.", pleaded Joseph. "He's going to kill my Magmar."

"That fucking lacerated freak doesn't have the guts.", shouted Jamie, glaring at Eric.

"No guts, huh?", shouted Eric in extreme anger. "THIS is what my lacerated face can do!"

With that, Eric twisted his arms around sharply, hearing a bone-crunching snap come from Magmar's neck. The flame in his tail promptly went out, and Magmar fell limply to the ground.

"MAGMAR!", screamed Joseph, kneeling down beside Magmar, tears beginning to form under his eyes. Eric took this opportunity to kick Joseph in the chest as hard as he could.

"FUCK!", screamed Joseph, collapsing to the ground. "Jesus Christ, let's get out of here."

"So help me God, if you say one more thing about my face, I'll see to it that you never have another Pokemon in your possession.", said Eric. "Your damn lucky I don't want to go to jail, otherwise I would have passed up your fucking Magmar for you."

Joseph tried to pull his Magmar into his pokeball, but the Magmar didn't move. It's heart had stopped, and it was now laying limply on the ground. ***

"You'll pay.", said Joseph, tears streaming down his face. "Don't think you won't pay. I know where you live and I've seen where you sleep, and I swear on all that is holy that your mother will cry when she sees what I've done to you."

"Try it asshole!", shouted Eric as Team Ricochet began to retreat. "If you ever even think about my fucking face again, I'll kill all of your Pokemon, not to mention you, Squirt!"

"We'll see who comes out ahead of this one.", shouted Squirt as they ran off into the bushes.

"Oh yes... we'll see.", said Eric quietly, turning towards the pokecenter. As he turned around, he nearly tripped on the Magmar's body.

"Fucking ugly fucking scars.", said Eric angrily, spitting on Magmar's corpse while walking past him.

By the time that he had reached the pokecenter again, Eric had calmed down. He took in a couple more deep breaths before walking inside. Upon opening the door, Jane turned around, seeing who it was.

"Bout time your back.", said Jane

"Ran into a couple problems.", said Eric, sitting down across the table from her.

"Didn't have the money for pokeballs?", asked Jane.

"Aw, damnit, forgot to buy some.", started Eric. "No, Team Ricochet was hassling me for a while."
"Team Ricochet?", said Jane loudly. "Why didn't you come get me?"

"Take it easy.", said Eric. "I couldn't exactly leave, and I took care of things."

"What happened?", asked Jane, wanting to hear if Team Ricochet was hurt or anything.

"They began to mock my stupid face.", said Eric angrily. "Let's just say I taught them a lesson."

"Hurt 'em?", asked Jane.

"Not so much them.", began Eric. "But I figured that since they want to steal Pokemon so much, I'd try to dwindle their supplies."

"So you stole some of their Pokemon...", said Jane.

"Well... yeah, sure, why not.", muttered Eric. "Can we drop this? I just wanna get the hell out of here."

"I guess.", said Jane. "We might as well head back to Diglett's cave."

"Either that or back north to Mount Moon.", said Eric. "Either way works."
"I'll be damned if I'm wandering headfirst into another thousand Zubats.", muttered Jane.

"True, true.", said Eric. "Diglett it is."

With that, they headed back behind the trees towards the exit of the cave. After some general wandering, they found themselves back in Vermilion. Trekking back into the underground tunnel, they found themselves back near Cerulean city. They decided to stop in at that pokecenter, as they hadn't had a rest since they left Viridian city. ****

"Christ that was a long walk.", said Eric

"Tell me about it.", said Jane, taking off her shoes and rubbing her feet. "What time is it?"

"Six thirty.", said Eric. "Might as well call it a day. I don't want to use my legs for a loooooonnnng time."

"Hey, that brings to mind a good idea.", said Jane. "Don't you have some bike vouchers from that drunken slob?

"Yes... yes I do.", said Eric, eyes widening up. "Hell, fuck my feet. I'm getting us some wheels."

They dashed out the door, but due to their insanely tired legs, they quickly slowed it down to a sluggish walk. After wandering into the bike store, they perused the bike racks and each picked out what they wanted. Rolling their bikes to the counter, they confronted the cashier.

"Two bikes, that's two million dollars.", said the cashier.

"Don't you think that's a little steep?", asked Eric.

"It can go down, if some... conditions are met.", answered the cashier.

"How so?", asked Eric, curiously.

"Well, I've been looking for my friends 'Lucy', 'Simon', and 'Dave'.", said the cashier, winking at them. "If you've... seen them, I think I can work our way to a discount, don't you?" *****

"Ok, I think I know too much here.", said Eric quickly, pulling out the bike vouchers. "I think these are in order."

"God damnit!", said the cashier. "We printed these damn things out ten years ago when my brother owned the place. I told him he shoulda put on a fucking expiry date."

"Yeah, well, T.S.", said Eric. "Can we take the bikes?"
"Yeah, take the bikes.", said the cashier, tearing the vouchers in half. "I hope you rot on those things."

"Well, it's your problem, not ours.", said Jane, laughing as she rode her bike out of the store.

Upon biking back to the pokecenter, they walked them inside towards the person at the counter.

"Where can we jam these things?", asked Eric.

"There's a bike rack off to the side of the room.", said the woman, pointing towards a far corner. "All pokecenters have them inside so that people's bikes don't get rusty from rain or stolen."

"Sounds sweet.", said Eric turning around. "Thanks."

Locking their bikes to the rack, they ate a hearty meal and headed up to bed. # They had a long, hard day of walking (with some newfound biking towards the end), and were dead tired. All they could think about was how sore their legs would be in the morning, and how it would probably hurt like sin when they start out tomorrow. Nonetheless, they headed to sleep, knowing that tomorrow they would head off to the rock tunnel with their newfound HM, flash.

* : Well, they never say exactly how you put solid objects into the computer, so I'm doing a half-assed job of describing how it turns matter into data.

** : That's another thing... the game never said how you know what's in what pokeball. So, to this, I found a solution. If a small computer like the pokedex knows all of the Pokemon, stats, area, info, etc., then why can't a small ball show just the name? Much less information for the pokeball to hold, so it can be smaller than the pokedex.

*** : I'm thinking that if your Pokemon isn't alive, how can it be pulled into a pokeball? That, as I see it, is why you can't catch a Pokemon after it's fainted. I'm thinking it needs to be aware of what's happening.

**** : Yeah, for the most part here, all you do is walk back for a long time. This paragraph basically skims over their backtracking.

***** : If you don't get it, read on, read on. Although, for those who do, I personally don't partake in any of these such activities. However, this way explains why the cashier wants so much.

# : Remember... I only like to put five *'s, then move onto #'s... secondly, I'm assuming the bikes come with bike locks, seeing as these are usually so friggin' expensive.

Will they run into Team Ricochet again? Will Eric go on another rampage? Will Jane kill more people? Why am I so hungry all of a sudden? Will their new bikes help them in their travels? Will the bike salesman one day O.D.? Answers to approximately half of these in the coming chapters.


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