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Well, I'm bored out of my skull again, and what better way to relieve boredom than to dump some warped, morbid, psychotic thoughts on paper (after I print it, I suppose). I haven't yet put chapter 15 on the net as of the exact time I typed this chapter, so I'll end up tossing them all on at once. I'm thinking that Team Ricochet will be wandering off on their own for a while, what with Joseph grieving over his pseudo-loss, and needing a new main Pokemon. During this Team Ricochet lull, it's time to drag forth the other enemies. Let the chaos begin.

As well, I went through ALL the other chapters, and changed any spelling errors (ie: I typed 'the' and meant to put 'they', etc., etc...)... that, and I have changed all incorrect things between chapters. I actually re-read the entire fanfic series and checked what Pokemon each person had... and there WERE a few discrepancies. Nonetheless, I give you:

Chapter 16: The return of Bill

Eric awoke after a long, much needed sleep. Shifting his body weight slightly, his legs bent from their position they had rested in during the past ten hours. Pain and stiffness bolted up Eric's legs.

"AH FUCK!", shouted Eric. "God damnit I'm going to have to work some movement back into these joints."

Limping out of bed, Eric got dressed and headed downstairs. Nearly tripping on the steps (due to his painfully bending legs), he collapsed into a chair and ordered himself some bacon and eggs. Shortly afterward, Eric heard Jane mumbling random swears upstairs. Minutes afterward, a tired Jane wandered downstairs.

"Legs sore?", asked Eric.

"Please don't mention any leg-related word.", said Jane. "It's not sore if I don't think about it."

"Don't worry.", started Eric. "After a couple minutes of biking, your legs will go numb from the pain, and you won't be able to feel them anyway."

"As stupid as that sounds, it almost sounds good.", replied Jane, collapsing likewise into the chair across the table.

"Order up some food.", said Eric. "We can take off after that."

"Yes. Food is a good thing.", said Jane. "Waitress! Can I get some french toast over here. And coffee. Lots of coffee."

"Ooohhhh, french toast.", said Eric sarcastically. "Aren't we getting fancy."

"It's toast soaked in egg.", said Jane. "How the hell is that fancy?"

"Hmm. Good question.", replied Eric. "Well.... I guess they gave it a fancy name to draw attention away from the fact that it's raw eggs splattered over dry bread."

Minutes later, Eric got his bacon and eggs, while Jane got three slices of french toast slathered in syrup. Eating ravenously, they quickly finished their meal and ordered seconds. After those seconds were devoured, they figured they had enough food to cover what energy they had wasted during yesterday's hike. After they struggled to their feet, Eric wandered over to the computer.

"Suppose I should give that HM flash to one of my Pokemon so as we can see anything.", said Eric, perusing through the computer. "Jane, you know what can learn flash offhand?"

"Sounds like something that Pikachu could learn.", said Jane

"Looks like he might have to learn it.", said Eric grudgingly. "It's a useless skill, but it would appear that everything else I have can't learn it. Oohh, wait, apparently, my Clefairy from Mount Moon can learn this thing."

"Excellent, but for the record, what else can use that P.O.S. skill?", asked Jane.

"Apparently, mainly psychic and electric types.", replied Eric.

Eric decided to deposit the female Nidoran he still had out, as well as the Spearow he had recently caught. He then withdrew his Clefairy, leaving him carrying Florin, Pikachu, male Nidoran, and Clefairy.

With that, Eric clamped the HM over Clefairy's pokeball, which gave it a mild shock, followed by a slight glowing. The ball vibrated slightly in Eric's hand, then returned to normal. *

"Did it learn it?", asked Jane.

"Got me.", replied Eric. "I guess I'll find out at the cave."

"I suppose.", said Jane, hopping back onto her bike.

After several minutes of biking, Eric happened across the pile of branches and grass lying in front of the exit to town.

"Christ!", shouted Eric. "Why the fuck is this fucking pile of shit here anyway?"

"Damned if I know.", said Jane. "Just get your Nidoran out again. It's not that bad."

"It stopped my momentum.", said Eric. "I was at a happy pace, and this damned thing stopped my general motion. Damn... guess I don't have a choice. Fence is too high to scale."

"Just cut the damned pile down.", said Jane, getting agitated.

"Fine, fine.", said Eric, whipping out Nidoran's pokeball. "Go Nidoran! Shred those sticks."

"Ni-nidor!", shouted Nidoran, whipping his claws over the pile, tearing the pile to pieces. Moments later, the pile was easily passable.

"Good Nidoran. Return.", said Eric, retrieving Nidoran. "Onward, HO!"

"Yeah man.", said Jane, following him.

After several more minutes of biking up and down various hills, the duo wound up getting into several Pokemon battles. ** Florin was able to clean house with the first couple trainers, but was getting weak after several critical hits. Pikachu was wasted in one hit from a trainer's Sandshrew with the 'dig' attack. Jane decided to let Inferno take the next couple battles, so she could level him up a little. Inferno toasted the first couple bug types, and managed to scratch his way through another trainer's Diglett. During the last couple battles, Eric wound up having to use his Nidoran to finish off yet another trainer, seeing as they managed to waste Florin using a Kadabra with psybeam, and his Clefairy was hopelessly low-leveled. The last two trainers the duo had managed to hide from, walking their bikes behind shrubs and bushes. Neither of them had any more Pokemon that could last a battle.

After they passed the danger zone, they began to bike a little easier and less tense.

"Fuck... why do they have to all pile up in one area?", asked Eric.

"I'm guessing so that when people like us come along and tire our Pokemon out, the ones at the end clean up.", replied Jane.

"That's pretty fucking cheap.", said Eric. "I gotta remember that technique."

"I thought you hated them.", said Jane.

"Oh, I do.", replied Eric. "I hate their guts, wish they were hit by a bus, and want to be at the end of that trail. Cheap is good... but only if I'm the only one doing it."

"Interesting logic.", said Jane. "What if someone else is cheap?"

"Then I'll roshambo them for it.", said Eric, laughing.

They biked onwards down the trail, coming across a stream. Following the stream, they passed by a pokecenter, where they both healed all their Pokemon. Beside the pokecenter was the rock tunnel. Biking on in, they were quickly enveloped in darkness.

"Cripes.", said Eric. "Ok, let's see if Clefairy really DID learn that skill flash. Go Clefairy!"

"Clefa-clef.", said Clefairy, leaving his pokeball, where he was instantly lost from sight.

"Ah shit. All I need to do now is lose Clefairy. That way, we can get lost.", said Eric sarcastically. "Clefairy, if you can hear me, use flash."

"Clef.", said Clefairy from somewhere off to the left. Suddenly, a large burst of light appeared from Clefairy, who was now glowing so brightly that they had to shield their eyes.

"AGH!", said Eric, shielding his eyes in pain. "Fuck, a little lower amperage there Clefairy."

"Clefa-clef.", said Clefairy, glowing a little less.

"Sweet.", said Eric, unshielding his eyes and looking around the cave. "Crawl up on my shoulders while we're in the cave here Clefairy." ***

Clefairy crawled up the bike and onto Eric's shoulders, where it clung to his shirt with it's small claws.

"Just like a beacon.", said a voice from a dark corner.

"Who was that?", said Jane quickly, looking around.

"We meet again.", said the voice, stepping into the light. As he walked into Clefairy's light, Eric recognized him instantly.


"Ahhh, you remember me.", said Bill, keeping his distance. "With the police searching for me, I had to flee to a place where they would never find me."

"So you picked a dank, dark cave.", said Eric, gritting his teeth. "Don't worry, when I'm done with you, the police will be incapable of identifying your body."

"It looks like your back to normal anyway.", said Bill. "Course, your face could use some work."

"YOUR GONNA DIE BITCH!", screamed Eric, throwing his bike out of the way. Clefairy hopped off his shoulders and stood next to Jane. Eric charged at Bill, who easily stepped out of the way, letting Eric skid to a stop some ten feet from him.

"Give me some credit.", said Bill. "I'm used to dark. I can see better than you in here."

"That so?", asked Eric, circling back towards Jane. "Very well... Clefairy! Put your flash up to full capacity!"

"Clefa.", said Clefairy, glowing brighter than before. Jane turned her back towards Clefairy, knowing that the light would really hurt if it hit her eyes directly. Eric had circled around so that his back was towards Clefairy, but Bill was directly facing him.

"JESUS CHRIST!", said Bill, pulling his hands up to his eyes.

"Can you see good now?", asked Eric, clenching his fist. "Dodge this!"

With that, Eric ran towards the temporarily blinded Bill, punching him as hard as he could in the stomach while running by.

"AAAGGGHHH!", screamed Bill, falling to the floor. "Your going to pay for that one, shithead!"

"Try it.", said Eric, stomping Bill's face into the stone ground. "Am I going to pay for that too, or is that one on the house?"

"FUCK!", screamed Bill as his nose shattered across the ground. Several of his teeth broke off, clattering onto the rocky ground. Blood poured from his face into a puddle, covering his broken teeth.

"It's about time I mess up that pretty face of yours.", said Eric, laughing. "I only wish there was a cliff I could push you off of."

"Keep laughing there pretty-boy.", said Bill, grabbing a sharpened bone from his pocket. "I'll cut you a new smile if you keep it up."

"Couldn't afford a knife?", said Eric, stepping back.

"Gotta work with what I got.", said Bill. "I strangled a Machop to death a couple days after I got into here. Needing food, I tore him open and feasted. You'd be surprised how handy a sharply broken bone is when your trying to cut meat off a corpse."

"Man, your fucked up.", said Eric, stepping back again.

"It was actually quite tasty.", said Bill, stepping forward, shielding his eyes from Clefairy's brightness. "Tearing the bloody meat off of it's bones, feeling your teeth sink into raw flesh."

"Jesus Christ man, what the fuck happened to you as a kid?", asked Eric, trying to distract Bill while he reached down to pick up a large rock.

"I was born!", shouted Bill, lunging towards Eric. Bill's weapon sliced across Eric's side as he tried to step out of the way. Eric's shirt flew wide open, showing a thin streak of blood appearing across his skin. ****

"FUCK THAT HURT!", said Eric, swinging the rock down onto Bill. Bill caught a glimpse of Eric's rock and tried to spin out of the way. The rock came down on his left hand, shattering the bones inside.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU BROKE MY HAND!", screamed Bill, staggering to his feet. He dropped his bone-knife and clutched his left hand. His hand was bleeding in small spots where the rock pressed against the broken bone which cut through the skin. Although there wasn't much bleeding, Bill's hand was horribly misshapen, with fingers bent in unnatural positions.

"Your lucky that's all.", said Eric, picking up the knife. "I was aiming for your head."

"You won't see natural light again.", said Bill, pulling a pokeball from his pocket. "Electabuzz! Fry that jackass!"

"El-elec.", said Electabuzz, appearing in front of Eric.

"Shock THIS, fucker!", shouted Eric, ramming the bone-knife into Electabuzz's chest before it had a chance to attack.

"ELEC-ELECTA!", shouted Electabuzz, reeling back in pain. Blood poured from Electabuzz's wound, soaking the fur surrounding the gaping wound. Blood spilled from his chest onto the ground. Electricity jumped across the wound and into the puddle on the ground, forming small ripples.

"And before you think about shocking again...", started Eric. "Work your way through THIS!"

Eric swung the bone around and drove it deep into Electabuzz's neck. Blood spouted out onto Eric's hand. The point of the bone drove entirely through Electabuzz's neck, appearing out the other side. Blood poured from the wounds as Electabuzz fell to the ground unconscious. His fur covering his neck was entirely soaked red, while blood began to spill from his mouth, adding to the growing puddle on the ground.

"You little fuck.", said Bill, stepping back. "You ask what the fuck is wrong with me, and then you murder my Pokemon in cold blood."

"Cold blood my ass.", said Eric. "Self-defense in it's entirety."

"I'll see you dead.", said Bill, backing off towards a dark path. "Sleep with one eye open Eric. I'm not finished with you."

"Get back here, you Pokemon-raping coward.", shouted Eric, beginning to follow him.

"I know these caves better than you ever will.", shouted Bill from the darkness. "You can never find me."

With that, Bill was gone. Eric returned to Clefairy, stepping over the twitching corpse of Electabuzz.

"You alright there Eric?", asked Jane.

"Fuck, it's just a scratch.", said Eric, soaking up the blood from his side with his shirt.

"Did you have to kill it?", questioned Jane. "Couldn't you have just wounded it."

"Gimme a break, I was thinking of saving my life.", replied Eric. "And killing shit is easier than trying to make it faint or catch it."

"So what now?", asked Jane.

"Now, we go through this fucking cave and get to Lavender town.", replied Eric, picking up his bike. "And could you dim it down there Clefairy. The need for insanely bright is gone for now."

"Cl-clefa.", said Clefairy, dimming his flash skill down to what it was earlier.

"Much better.", said Eric, picking up Clefairy and putting him on his shoulder.

"What about the Electabuzz?", asked Jane, looking at the bloody corpse.

"Let Bill worry about his fucking Pokemon. I don't fucking care if it's dead.", replied Eric, beginning to bike down the path.

"And what if we run into Bill again?", asked Jane curiously.

"I hope we do.", said Eric. "That way I can finish the job. Course, he knows this cave... he's probably hiding in some small crevice, wrapping up his fucking hand. And stop asking all those fucking questions. It's getting annoying."

"Uh huh...", finished Jane, following Eric down the path.

As they followed the many paths, most of which led to dead ends, Eric and Jane saw several trainers waiting for people to pass and challenge them. However, when they saw that Eric was covered head-to-toe in blood, they stepped back, letting them pass.

"Hah.", laughed Eric. "Little pukes don't want to battle me."

"Well. It does look like you just savagely killed someone.", replied Jane.

"Hell, that fight with Bill came in handy.", said Eric. "Even the wild Pokemon are trying to steer clear of us."

"They probably smell the blood.", said Jane. "So, either they're all pussies, or plant eaters thinking that your a carnivore."

"A little from column A, and a little from column B.", said Eric, looking at a small Onix slither behind a stalagmite. ***** "Either way, a thick coat of Pokemon blood is better than any kind of Pokemon repellent."

"Unless you find a meat eater wanting in on the action.", replied Jane.

"That could get messy.", said Eric, turning a corner. "Hey, sweet, I think I see the end."

"Could be.", said Jane, looking at a small point of light in the distance. "That, or someone else with flash."

"Hope not.", said Eric. "This place is a hell hole, and you know how I feel about hell holes."

"I'm guessing you don't like them.", said Jane wryly.

"That about sums it up.", finished Eric, biking onward.

After several more minutes of biking towards the point of light, Eric and Jane emerged from the caves. Eric withdrew his Clefairy into it's pokeball and got off his bike. Looking around, they saw a massive mansion which appears to have been formed originally from a mountain. Beside it, they saw a pokecenter, surrounded by several other random houses. Biking for the pokecenter, they got off their bikes and walked inside.

"Good afternoon.", said the woman at the healing counter. "How a... oh good lord what happened to you?"

The woman was staring at Eric, who was covered with coagulated blood, which was sticking to everything he touched, including the counter that he put his hand on.

"I was attacked, and hence got bloody.", said Eric. "Don't worry, most of it's not mine."

"What did you attack?", asked the woman, shocked.

"A Pokemon attacked him in the cave.", said Jane, cutting in.

"Uhh, yeah.", said Eric, looking questioningly at Jane.

"Well, I hope you're all right.", said the woman, wiping up Eric's bloody handprint off the countertop. "Which Pokemon?"

"A Machop.", said Jane quickly. "It attacked us, and Eric fought it off."

"Well, as long as you're all right.", said the woman. "Strange though... those things usually don't attack people."

"Yeah, yeah...", said Eric, pulling Jane off to the side of the room. "Give us one minute here."

Eric pulled Jane to the side of the room. "What the fuck what that about?", he asked.

"Look.", said Jane. "You say you fought against Bill, she'll know his name from the papers, and wonder why you didn't call the police. If they find out you tried to kill him, they charge you with attempted murder. You'll both go to jail, and if they never find Bill, they'll assume you actually finished him off."

"Good point.", said Eric, thinking of the situation. "Either way, I'm going to have a shower. This shit's stickier than a hot glue melting to your skin." #

With that, they got their room keys and relaxed for the rest of the day. They all released their Pokemon and let them run around for the evening, followed by supper and a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, they would have to find out where they're heading next. Only time would tell what would happen to them.

* : And now I've decided to show HOW you teach a Pokemon a new skill... kinda.

** : I don't wanna write down all the battles, and I assume you don't wanna read them, so I'll just bypass this travel with a paragraph.

*** : Think about it... the Pokemon using flash would HAVE to stay out of his pokeball, otherwise where's the light coming from? Huh? C'mon, where?

**** : Scoff if you must, but I know for a fact that broken bones can be pretty damn sharp... don't ask... just believe me.

***** : I'm pretty sure it's stalagmite that forms from the ground up, and stalactite that forms from the top down... Either way, both work.

# : Trust me... it's sticky. And painful.

Will Eric kill another Pokemon? Will Jane join in the fun? Will Bill kill Eric? Will Eric kill Bill? Will Eric be charged with murder? Has Eric gone insane too? Have you ever wondered if you really ARE colorblind to several colors, but noone knows about it and hasn't told you they exist? Is Pinsir a meat eater? Will Eric one day eat raw Pokemon flesh too?

Answers to at least a few of these questions when I get around to typing out the next chapter... which should be relativly soon.


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