Pokemon Fight Back


Once again the time comes such that I wish to write yet another chapter. I've been somewhat preoccupied for a while, and that makes writing this kinda hard. Bah.... either way, it's time to kick this chapter to life. Life's been treating me like crap recently, so I think it's about time to vent that miserable hatred for every living/nonliving creature on earth onto paper.

And away we go:

Chapter 20: Jane's Odyssey

After Jane cleaned herself up somewhat (she's gotten good at this over the many days/lives), they decided to head into Saffron. After disputing for a short time about returning the chain to the rightful truck, they decided it would be best to whip it into the bushes nearby. Upon entering Saffron, they soon realized just how large it actually was. They rarely talked through this time, but when they did, it was usually on an unhappy note.

"Didn't have to fucking kill him.", said Eric.

"You didn't have to watch if you're too much of a pussy to handle it.", replied Jane.

"I could have put the entire thing on tape and blackmailed him.", said Eric. "If he kept jabbering away about wanting a bribe, and I threatened to take the tape to the police, he woulda caved."

"If you want to live like a coward, go ahead.", said Jane.

"Ok, just shut the fuck up.", finished Eric. "I'm getting tired of hearing you talk."

More silence.

"Look, it's late.", said Eric. "Let's just call it a day for now, ok?"

"Yeah... maybe I just need sleep.", replied Jane.

They drove in silence to the pokecenter, where they proceeded to get room keys and go to sleep without saying another word. Upon awakening, fairly late actually, they headed downstairs, barely glancing at eachother when they met up at the bottom.

"Sleep good?", asked Eric.

"Yeah.", replied Jane. "You?"

"Nope.", replied Eric. "Nightmare, for seemingly obvious reasons."

"Wimp.", said Jane, sipping from her coffee.

"God, you're fucked up.", said Eric while ordering a coffee.

"Hey, if you don't like me, you can split.", shouted Jane.

"Sounds fucking GREAT!", screamed Eric, grabbing his backpack and heading outside.

"You'll come crawling back... I can see it already!", shouted Jane after him. But by the time she had finished her sentence, Eric had left.

"Good fucking riddance.", muttered Jane, going back to her coffee. *

Jane finished her coffee and headed out. Upon looking around, Eric was nowhere to be seen. Smiling as she left, she was now left with the question as to what to do now. Wandering blindly around town, she saw a sign indicating that someone by the name of "Mr. Psychic" lived there. Curious, she walked in.

"Hello there.", said Mr. Psychic.

"Uhh, hi.", said Jane hesitantly. "Are you... selling anything or something to that effect?"

"Not quite.", said Mr. Psychic. "But I know what people want, and foresaw you coming into my house."

"... Ok.", said Jane. "... So what am I going to do next?"

"I know what you need.", said Mr. Psychic. "A Psychic TM."

"I do?", asked Jane curiously, wondering what exactly this man was trying to sell.

"Here... take it.", said Mr. Psychic, pushing the TM into her hand.

"Thanks, I guess.", said Jane. "Do you want anything for it?"

"No, no.", replied Mr. Psychic. "I'm just happy helping people."

"To each his own.", said Jane, backing out the door again. Stepping away from the house, she began to ponder what exactly happened in there. ** Looking at the TM, she tossed it into her bag and continued her wandering. Soon, she passed a large building with large, bold words declaring "Silph Co."

"Well I'll be damned.", muttered Jane. "The head office."

Walking inside with Inferno's pokeball in hand, she looked about nervously, expecting unusual activity at best. What she saw was simply nothing. Nothing except an elevator at the end of the hallway. Walking towards the elevator, she gathered another pokeball from her bag and opened them both.

"Go Inferno and Blade. Time to prepare for an assumed fight ahead.", said Jane, tossing the two pokeballs to the ground.

"Char.", said Inferno, glancing around the large room.

"Pin!", said Blade, readily prepared for what he does best.

Together, they headed into the elevator, seeing that there were 11 floors to choose from. Picking the eleventh floor, she stood patiently in the elevator until it came to a halt.

"Wait for it...", said Jane nervously, watching as her Pokemon jittered nervously, expecting a barrage of attacks to come at any second. However, as the door opened, only silence greeted them.

"Fuck.", said Jane. "Where the hell is everyone?"

"Pin?", said Blade, looking up at Jane quizzically.

"Well I don't fucking know either.", said Jane, looking back at Blade.

As they stepped out, the elevator door began to close, but Jane caught it before it did. She pulled a can of lemonade out of her backpack and propped it where the door would close into. The door continued shut, but upon hitting the can, reopened.

"Damn straight.", said Jane. "I'm not about to get surprised by some little shithead in the elevator when I get back."

Heading down the hallway, she came to the corner and stopped quickly. The end of the hallway was a dead end. No doors, no windows, nothing.

"Well why the fuck did the elevator go to this floor then?", said Jane, annoyed at the inconvenience. Heading back towards the elevator, she grabbed her can of lemonade and let the door close with her and her Pokemon inside.

Thoroughly pissed off at this point by the lack of activity, she hit the "5" button in hopes of finding a floor with something... anything on it. The elevator shifted into action and stopped on the fifth floor. When the door opened, she saw many Team Ricochet members milling about.

"Now that's what I wanna see!", said Jane, perking up. "Blade, Inferno, let's get ready to rumble."

"Char.", said Inferno, stretching his legs.

"Giddyup.", said Jane, heading over to the closest member.

"HALT!", shouted the Team Ricochet member. "You're not allowed here."

"Didn't seem like that from what was on the first and eleventh floors.", said Jane.

"In either case, it's time you know what Team Ricochet is made of.", said the member.

"I already know.", said Jane. "Mostly red stuff... and a mess of bones. GO BLADE!"

"PIN!", shouted Blade, jumping up and slicing towards the member of Team Ricochet.

"HEY!", shouted the member, dodging to the side and kicking the Pinsir in the chest.

"Pinnn!", shouted Blade, now in pain.

"CHAR!", shouted Inferno, taking this opportunity to blast fire into the man's face.

"ARRGGG! MY EYES!", screamed the man, dropping to the ground.

At this point, Blade gestured for Inferno to stop his attack and turned his attention to the injured man.

"PIN!", screeched Blade, stomping onto the man's elbow with all his weight. The elbow bent backwards at a sharp angle as the bone inside ripped through the skin and jabbed painfully onto the ground.

"GYAAAA!", screamed the member, rolling into a fetal ball as best he could to avoid more attacks.

"Pin, pin, PIN!", screeched Blade once again, slicing the man's feet clean off of his legs. Blood spouted from the stumps and gouted onto the floor. The man was now in shock, no longer screaming but just rolling back and forth on the ground. A silent scream of pain was plastered on his face.

"Good boy!", shouted Jane encouragingly.

"Pinsir, pin!", said Blade, holding the man down lightly with one of his large, serrated claws. The man continued to roll back and forth in an attempt to get away, but only proceeded to cause Blade's claw to saw into his ribcage. Blood splattered over his face as he began to lose consciousness. Blade put and end to that by spearing the man's testicles with his claw and ripping violently upwards.

"AAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!", screamed the man, coming out of his silence. He instantly tried to drag himself from the battle with his one remaining arm, his body in severe shock, stubbornly refusing to die.

"PIN!", said Blade, once again deciding to stop the man's attempt to avoid pain. He then dipped his mandibles towards the man's hand and gnawed off his fingers one by one, spitting them back into his face. The man once again went silent, but moved no longer. He was still twitching, so Blade speared the man's head, twisting his claw inside the man's skull. Satisfied that he had sought his revenge for the kick, he backed off and awaited the next match.

"Damn Blade, you make ME look gentile.", said Jane.

"Pin pinsir pin.", said Blade, rubbing some of the blood off on a nearby wall.

Looking at the corpse, she saw something glitter around his neck. Grabbing the thin chain, she ripped it off of the corpse, snapping it. What flew to the side was what looked like a key.

"That could be useful.", said Jane, picking it up. "Onward to the next battle." ***

Jane continued to take several other Team Ricochet members down. Inferno took the next two, wanting in on some of the action. She soon noticed some strange squares on the ground that, when stepped on, teleported them to different places in the building. After teleporting into various rooms, she headed back to the tenth floor elevator. She headed down to the second floor and did much of the same. By the time she had finished with that section, she, Inferno, and Blade were completely covered in blood. Each step they took left distinct, red foot/hoof/pawprints behind them. Next, she decided to try the third floor, working upwards in general from here on out. They wandered in and stepped on another teleporter. As they were wasting yet another Team Ricochet member, they heard a familiar voice beside them. Leaving the Team Ricochet member to scream in pain, curled up on the floor, Jane, Blade, and Inferno turned to a sudden voice.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?", screamed Kris.

"Oh, it's you.", said Jane. "... Wanna battle?"

"LET ME OUTTA HERE!", screamed Kris, looking at the newly dead corpse on the floor. "You... you MURDERER!"

"Ooohhh, big insult.", said Jane as Kris ran down the hallway out of sight. ****

"Pin?", said Blade, looking at where Kris ran off to, a faint footprint trail in blood following him from where he stepped in a puddle.

"Let him go.", said Jane. "He's the least of our worr... oh shit. What if he tells the police who's been killing Team Ricochet members!"

Blade, obviously not understanding English, started to relax on the ground.

"DAMNIT!", screamed Jane. "If the cops are onto me, I'll get the fucking chair! Ok.... No worries for now. If I can lay waste to Vladmere, they might let me get off with just jail."

"Ok, ok...", continued Jane, talking to herself. "I'll finish this place, then go after Kris. If he's as shocked as I think he is, he'll be too stunned to tell the police yet. Get up guys. We've gotta polish this place off."

Walking forward, Blade and Inferno got up and followed her. Suddenly, as they entered another room, a man began to talk.

"Thank you for savin... what the hell?", said the man. "What the fuck happened to you?"

"Nothing some soap can't fix.", said Jane. "Who are you and whaddya want?"

"Uhh, uhh, I'd like to give you this Pokemon for saving me.", said the man quickly. "It's a Lapras. It'll be good for travelling over water. I'm Brian by the way."

"Hey, thanks!", said Jane, taking the pokeball.

"It's yours.", said Brian. "You can name it if you want." *****

"Sweet.", said Jane. "How's about something like... Tsunami."

"Good name.", said Brian. "Now, uh, I don't like to pry, but can you tell me what DID happen to you?"

"For giving me Tsunami here?", said Jane, releasing the Lapras. "Why not? I got messed up trying to remove Team Ricochet from the face of the earth."

"Oh good God.", said Brian, looking very sick right now. "I'm going to have to call the police. This isn't right at all."

"Like fuck you will.", said Jane, kicking the man in the groin as hard as she could.

"AAAHHHH!", screamed Brian, falling down in pain. "B-but you're breaking th-the law. You c-can't do th-th-that."

"Watch me...", started Jane, but then changed her mind. "Change that... hear me."

At that, Jane kicked the man as hard as she could in his eye socket. The eyeball exploded as bits of bone shredded into his brain. Brian stopped moving instantly, as his brains began to ooze from the opening in his face. A scream of horror was on his mouth and his other eye was fixed open, but nothing more. Blood pooled around his head, swirling around his hair.

"Don't forget to tell THAT to the police too.", said Jane, continuing towards a teleporter off to the side. Looking down at herself on the way, she decided to strip naked and toss the clothes in a pile. Pulling an extra set of clothes from her backpack, she stuffed the dirty ones inside. # Getting dressed, she felt much better, as the flies that had begun to circle her now flew over to Brian's bloody corpse. At this, she entered the teleporter.

Upon exiting the teleporter, she found herself once again on the eleventh floor.

"Well I'll be damned.", said Jane. "There actually IS something up here."

Continuing down the hall, she met another Team Ricochet guard. Not wanting to stall anymore, what with Kris continuing his getaway, she walked up to him and punched him in the throat. Before the guard could say a word, he dropped to the ground, making gargling noises. Finally, he tried to run away, but collapsed on the ground a little ways down the hallway. Using the key she earlier got, she unlocked the door and entered. Vladmere was standing at the opposite side of the room, while the Silph Co. director was tied up and blindfolded in the corner of the room. ##

"We meet again.", said Vladmere as Jane walked in.

"What, no gun today?", asked Jane.

"I figured to beat you fairly today.", said Vladmere.

"Didn't get much time to fight last time I saw you, you old fuck.", said Jane, walking up to him.

"Have you thought about what I said?", asked Vladmere.

"Which was that?", asked Jane in return.

"About joining Team Ricochet.", answered Vladmere. "You KNOW you'd make an excellent addition to our team."

"Fuck that.", said Jane. "I just wiped out most of your team."

"There are thousands of Team Ricochet members.", said Vladmere. "There's no way you could kill them all. There will always be more."

"Let's see how good they do without a leader.", said Jane. "GO BLADE!"

"PIN!", said Blade, racing towards Vladmere.

Vladmere stood his ground, and when Blade was approximately five feet from him, he swung around in a roundhouse-kick motion and nailed Blade directly in the chest.

"PIN!", said Blade, flying back against the desk, unconscious.

"YOU BASTARD!", screamed Jane, grabbing Inferno's pokeball. "INFERNO, WASTE HIM!"

"CHAR!", screamed Inferno, who immediately blasted flame towards Vladmere.

"OUCH!", shouted Vladmere, who's leg got slightly charred. "You'll pay for that one, bitch. Go Nidoking!"

"That sounds bad.", said Jane. "Inferno, cook that Pokemon."

"CHARMEL!", screamed Inferno, using flamethrower attack as best he could.

"Nido.", said Nidoking, virtually unfazed by the attack.

"Oh crap.", said Jane.

"NID!", shouted Nidoking as he swung around and kicked Inferno in the head. Inferno flew across the room and slammed into the wall, barely alive but conscious.

"DAMNIT!", shouted Jane. "Last resort. Pidgey! Peck Vladmere's eyes out!"

"Pidge?", said Pidgey questioningly as she emerged from her pokeball.

"JUST FUCKING DO IT!", screamed Jane, thinking the battle is lost.

"PIDGE!", screeched Pidgey, swooping towards Vladmere without a second thought.

"Not on my watch.", said Vladmere, grabbing up a chair and swinging it towards the inexperienced bird.

"PID!", screeched Pidgey. The tip of the chair leg caught her directly in the neck, bending it at a sharp angle. The bird dropped to the ground, stone dead.

"Christ.", said Jane. "What else do I... oh fuck. I forgot about you Tsunami. Time to get some experience fella."

As she was pulling out her pokeball, she saw Nidoking gulp in a breath of air while directed towards her.

"Sto...", started Jane, but Nidoking suddenly blasted a poison dart at her. Jane swung her arm in the way of the dart, which now hit the back of her hand. "OUCH."

"See how you like it.", said Vladmere.

"Time to bring in a newcomer.", said Jane, dropping Tsunami's pokeball. "Go Tsunami!"

"Lap.", said Tsunami. Seeing the state of the room, it instantly blew a beam of ice directly towards Nidoking without waiting for instructions.

"NIDO!", shouted Nidoking, dropping to its knees, shivering uncontrollably.

"DAMNIT!", shouted Vladmere, clutching his burned leg. "Time to split."

At that, Vladmere shoved aside a carpet and rolled onto the teleporter underneath. Seconds afterward, the teleporter beeped twice, shorted out, and exploded.

"Fucking chri...ugh.", mumbled Jane, starting to feel the effects of the poison.

Stumbling over to the corner, she untied the director. She was only starting to feel woozy, since the dart had hit a bone, and therefore didn't inject the full amount of poison it could have.

"What just happened?", asked the director.

"I just saved your sorry ass.", replied Jane.

"Thank you so much.", said the director. "Here... take this pokeball. It's my form of gratitude."

"That's it?", shouted Jane. "My Pidgey was just killed, Blade's temporarily out of it, and Inferno's lucky to be alive. And a fucking pokeball is all you give me."

"It's not an ordinary pokeball.", said the man. "This will catch absolutely any Pokemon without fail."

"Really?", said Jane, suddenly finding it a lot better. "Then why don't you make thousands of these and sell them?"

"They cost about fifteen million dollars to build.", said the man. "And one of the supplies needed to build it are very hard to find."

"Dang.", said Jane. "That sucks."

"Take it.", said the director. "For saving my life."

"Lessee.", muttered Jane. "That's one to thirty or so."

"What do you mean?", asked the director.

"Huh, oh, nothing.", answered Jane. "...Victories to losses."

"But you didn't lose.", said the director.

"Vladmere got a way, didn't he?", said Jane. "That's a loss in my book."

"Well, thank you anyway.", said the director.

"Yeah... but I gotta go now.", said Jane quickly, remembering that Kris was still somewhere out there.

"Thanks again.", said the director, but Jane had already left the room, unaware that Eric had just entered the main floor.


* : At this point, I'm going to do a couple pages on what one character does, and then go to what the other one was doing in the meantime.

** : Well, why would anyone just give you something for free? It seemed strange to me at the time, but I damn well didn't complain.

*** : Well, I forget much of this place, so I'll cut through it quickly. Besides, I want to get a fair distance through the game this chapter and the next.

**** : Yeah, ok, you SHOULD fight him, but think.... if you wandered into a room where someone was being brutally tortured and murdered, would you stick around and chat? I didn't think so... at least not if you're normal.

***** : Wasn't sure if it was named or if you could name it, but from what I've seen in the game (ie: Eevee), if someone GIVES you a Pokemon, you can rename it, and it says you're the original owner. No clue why, but why argue?

# : Well, they ARE away from home. Where else would they keep clothes, assuming the game characters actually change once in a while.

## : If you're going to take over a building, that's the way it should be done. Why leave him free to try to escape?

Will Jane kill Eric? Will Eric kill Jane. Or will Eric simply have her arrested? And what the hell was Eric doing all this time? Why is www.asdf.com a webpage, while www.fdsa.com isn't? Will Joseph, Jamie, and Squirt finally be found next chapter? Where did Kris split to?

Answers to many of these in the next chapter (although I can already tell you that Joseph, Jamie, and Squirt WILL be in the next chapter). Next chapter is when we get some new... occurrences.


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