Pokemon Fight Back


It would appear that writing the previous chapter didn't rid me of all my aggravations, so I'm kicking chapter 21 into high gear only one day after. I've got some good ideas that I planned to do, but chapter 20 was already 11 pages long, and I wanted to break it up a bit. Henceforth, I give you chapter 21... kinda small compared to 20, but it gets the job done:

Chapter 21: The Alliance

Eric left the pokecenter, finally glad to be rid of the psychotic pest that had tagged along with him for the entire journey. Feeling free of petty annoyance, he decided to head over to the pokemart and see what they had to offer.

"Sweet, merciful crap!", exclaimed Eric. "Ultraballs!" *

"Can I help you?", asked the person at the counter.

"You're damn right you can help me.", said Eric. "I'll take $6000 dollars worth of ultraballs."

"Excellent sir.", said the cashier. "You can get exactly five ultraballs."

"Dat's it?", asked Eric. "They worth it?"

"Some people stick with great balls.", started the cashier. "Some people say they work as good as ultraballs, but I've found that ultraballs DO work better."

"Works for me.", said Eric. "Ok... I'm going to sell some scrap TM's I have here. How much can I get for bide and bubblebeam?"

"Let's see...", said the cashier, typing some things into the computer. "$1000 dollars each." **

"Good enough.", said Eric. "I'll sell those, scrape together some more money, and get another two ultraballs."

"Thank you sir.", replied the cashier, making the exchange.

After the transaction, Eric left the store and decided to get as far from Jane as he could for the time being. With that in mind, he instantly headed west to Celadon. Upon reaching the guard's post, he found it dead empty. Smiling that he didn't have to cough up one of his cokes, he wandered into town. Still wandering westward, he saw a large, black object blocking the path out of town. Walking up to it, he found that it was a sleeping Snorlax. A very large, sleeping Snorlax.

"Daaaammmmn.", said Eric. "Now YOU'VE eaten your share of pie."

The Snorlax didn't move.

"HEY, TUBBAGUTS!", screamed Eric. "Move your fat ass out of my way."

No movement.

"Ya stupid prick.", muttered Eric, kicking it in the side, to no avail. Then it occurred to him. That damn pokeflute from Mr. Fuji. Maybe that junk will come in handy at one point or another.

"Ok, let's see how shitty I can play this thing.", said Eric, pulling it out of his bag.

Putting it to his mouth, he blew into it as hard as he could. A high-pitched screech, loud enough to wake the dead, emitted from the flute. The Snorlax merely shifted his weight slightly. Getting pissed off, he blew into it as loud as he could again, this time opening and closing his hand on the flute, making high and lower-pitched sounds. Despite the nosebleed that the loud whistling sound had given him, he noticed that the Snorlax began to roll over an face him.

"Oh shit.", said Eric, now realizing what he had done. "Florin, try to do something to that."

Hastily pulling a pokeball from his backpack, he tossed it onto the ground. To his puzzlement, Florin did not emerge, but his newly acquired Gastly did.

"Dang.", said Eric. "What a time to grab the wrong Pokemon. Ok, Forsaken... do something before it wastes you, which it probably will anyway."

"Gaaahhhh?", said Forsaken, not exactly knowing what was going on. At this point, Snorlax slammed his arm down on top of Forsaken.

"Oooohhhhh.", said Eric, cringing. "That didn't look good."

As Snorlax pulled his arm up, Forsaken was still floating there, completely untouched by the attack.

"Sweet!", said Eric. "Can't go wrong with that happening. Forsaken... do something to that freak of nature."

"Gah!", screamed Forsaken, as he flew up and licked it on the head.

"Oh, that's good.", said Eric sarcastically. "That did fuck-all to my Pokemon, so it's SURE to do something to this one."

To his non-surprise, Snorlax didn't feel a thing.

"Crap.", said Eric. "Ok... Florin, Quake, and to a lesser extent Clefairy. Team up against that thing." ***

The three of them emerged at once, immediately attacking the Snorlax. After a couple attacks, it suddenly dropped to sleep and seemed to look healthier.

"FUCK!", said Eric. "Why... just... but... WHY?!? Ok, everyone waste him while he's out of it."

"NID!" said Quake, gathering a mess of rocks and whipping them at Snorlax. One particularly large rock hit it in the head, hurting it severely. At this point, Florin came in and whisked dozens of razor-sharp leaves at the Snorlax's side. It seemed to not do much damage, but any damage is good damage.

"Clefa.", said Clefairy, getting extremely bright, as it did in the cave.

"Son of a bitch!", said Eric. "Turn it off!"

The Clefairy, not exactly knowing why Eric was displeased, became even brighter.

"FUCK!", said Eric. He ran over to the Clefairy and kicked it as hard as he could. It flew off to the side, extremely hurt, and bounced into a tree, at which point it turned off it's light. Looking extremely mad, it charged Eric.

"You worthless piece of shit!", screamed Eric. "The rest of you... keep trying to waste that Snorlax. I'll take care of this little bucket of mule vomit."

"Clefa!", shouted Clefairy, ramming its head into Eric's stomach.

"OUCH!", shouted Eric. "You little fuck. You're going down."

Eric grabbed towards the Clefairy, grabbing it's tail before it could escape. Pulling it back, he reached around and gouged his fingers into the Clefairy's eye sockets. Blood spouted from the wounds, pouring over Eric's hand.

"Blind THAT, you worthless scum.", shouted Eric, twisting his fingers inside Clefairy's brain.

"CLE!", screamed Clefairy, scratching Eric's arm.

"With my face the way it is, a little scratch on the arm is fuck-all.", said Eric, now whipping Clefairy into a tree. Clefairy whacked against the trunk and fell dead to the ground.

"Yeah...", said Eric, turning his attention to the other battle. As he turned around, he saw that Snorlax, almost dead, woke up and started to fall asleep again.

"No, you piece of shit!", shouted Eric. "Do something before he heals again."

"Gah.", said Forsaken, flying up to Snorlax's head. Staring deep into his eyes, the Snorlax went into a trance-like state.

"SWEET!", shouted Eric. "Kick-ass move there Forsaken."

"Gah.", said Forsaken, knowing that he had pleased his furious master.

At this point, Florin whipped some of his vines against the Snorlax's stomach, causing red bruises to form.

"Ok, let's see if we can snag this bitch.", said Eric, grabbing the ultraballs and tossing one towards Snorlax. "Go get 'im!"

The Snorlax was pulled in, but broke free.

"Crap.", said Eric. "Ok, let's try a great ball."

Upon trying that one, again, the Snorlax broke free. Starting to get ticked off, he threw yet another ultraball at it, to no avail. Not wanting to give up, he whipped another one at it's head. The Snorlax was pulled in (which is no easy matter for something that big), shuddered around inside for a bit, and layed still. A ping was heard as the capture was complete.

"ALRIGHT!", screamed Eric, grabbing the pokeball. "Mine... all mine."

A blinking cursor appeared on the pokeball's name screen.

"Name... name...", muttered Eric. "You can be... Juggernaut!"

The screen scrolled the word Juggernaut with a question mark after it. Pressing the top of the ball, it accepted the word and inputted it. ****

"Nice.", said Eric.

"I'll have to agree.", said someone behind him.

"Oh fuck.", said Eric, turning around. Sure enough, his first thought was true.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"To unite evil in all it's glory."

"To destroy good in some way gory."

"Spare me.", said Eric.

"To steal Pokemon for no good reason."

"To commit ourselves to things like treason."



"You're just wasting time.", said Eric.

"Tough.", said Jamie.

"Team Ricochet blasts off out of sight."

"Squirt, that's right."

"God, I hate you guys.", said Eric. "Skip the fucking song."

"But then you wouldn't know it's us.", said Joseph.

"I could care less.", said Eric. "Whaddya want?"

"Well, for one, that Snorlax.", said Jamie. "And the rest of your Pokemon while you're at it."

"Shut up Jamie.", said Squirt.

"How about that one?", asked Eric, pointing to the Clefairy.

"What is it with you and killing Pokemon?", asked Squirt.

"What other ones were there?", asked Eric.

"Well, for one... that Electabuzz.", said Jamie.

"How the fuck did you find out about that one?", asked Eric, taken off guard.

"Perhaps you know of a person named 'Bill'", said Squirt. "He was injured by someone... let's call him... shit for brains. He came to Team Ricochet for help."

"Oh, great. Just what I need.", said Eric. "Another Team Ricochet asshole on my back."

"Actually, you'll be happy to know that the little bitch backstabbed us too.", said Joseph. "After agreeing to become a member, we fixed his hand up... and then he stabbed our doctor in the head with a scalpel and took off."

"Well... he's made the most wanted list.", said Eric. "My face and chest... your doctor... countless Pokemon that he said he ate... and why the fuck did you stop Jamie from pathetically attempting to take my Pokemon?"

"We want you to help us kill Bill.", said Squirt. "It would appear we have a common enemy."

"Me and Team Ricochet?", asked Eric. "Something doesn't seem right about it."

"Hey... after we kill Bill, it's back to you being the enemy, ok?", asked Joseph.

"This could be an interesting alliance.", answered Eric. "But how can I be sure you won't backstab me?"

"You can't be sure.", answered Squirt. "Just like we can't be sure if you'll backstab us."

"Damn this is going to be a fucked up agreement.", said Eric. "However... I'm in."

"Excellent.", said Jamie. "An alliance?"

"An alliance.", said Eric, shaking her hand.

After a brief arguing session as to where to look for Bill, they eventually agreed that Eric should lead, since he's had the most experience with Bill. Eric, wanting gym badges, began to head towards Saffron to collect the marsh badge. Squirt had anticipated this, and gave him the marsh badge, which he had stolen from her the night before. He was getting fairly good at it, seeing as his group hadn't actually fought a single gym leader as of yet. However, they headed back to Saffron anyway. Joseph told Eric that Vladmere, the head of Team Ricochet, had taken Silph Co. over, and wished to meet with Eric there if they could reach an agreement. After biking into town (the trio of Team Ricochet had to jog behind, so Eric deliberately kept speeding up), Eric entered the Silph Co. building. Several moments later, a very tired Team Ricochet walked in after him. Looking around, Eric and Team Ricochet headed for the elevator.

* : Kinda early for a * already, but I just want to point out that I'm not sure if you can get these here yet. I think this is the first place you can buy them, but I'm not sure. For the purposes of this fanfic, I'm saying that you can.

** : No clue what resale of these are, so I'll take the average sale value... a thou.

*** : Well hell... if I was there, I'd be teaming up. Like I say... cheap is good.

**** : Yeah... slight explanation as to how you pick it's name.

What will happen at the elevator? Why did I stop the story here? Was it specifically to build suspense for the next chapter? Will there be back-stabbage amongst the new alliance? Will Jane stab everyone in the back repeatedly... with something rusty and dull? Will the Meow Mix song ever stop being funny to sing? Will Vladmere kill Eric?

Answers to many of these in the next chapter. Hopefully... some of you will await it, but it may take a while. I have no clue when I'll have time to write next. There's a test coming up, and I should probably study for it sometime. Then some assignments... and so on. Don't worry...it'll eventually arrive. I'll announce it on EAGB's webpage.


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