Pokemon Fight Back

Well, it's been quite a while since the last chapter graced my webpage. However, today I shalt write another. That growing ball of pure evil inside of me is starting to become dangerously oversized, so I should probably scrape some of the outside of it off into this story. Lately, I've been listening to "Music from the Succubus Club", which is mainly Goth. Whether that had an effect or not remains to be seen, but I likes it, and if it writes stories, that's an added bonus. So, without further ado, it be time to write.

Chapter 22: Faith

As Eric entered the building with Team Ricochet, he looked around for any hints as to where to go.

"Hey, where's your asshole boss hang out in here?", asked Eric.

"He's.... on the... eleventh floor.", gasped Jamie.

"Good enough.", said Eric, heading for the elevator.

"Hold it a minute.", said Squirt. "You can't just go to the eleventh floor."

"Why's that?", asked Eric.

"It's a dead end.", said Squirt. "You've gotta go to the third floor and use the teleporters there."

"Cool... teleporters.", said Eric. "How do they work?"

"How the fuck should I know?", said Joseph. "Go ask R&D."

"Bah... who the hell cares.", said Eric, once again heading to the elevator. However, as they all got near, it made a 'ding' sound before they pressed the button.

"Cool, motion sensors!", said Eric. "This place is pretty tech..."

"We don't have motion sensors!", interrupted Squirt. "We have a visitor."

As the door opened, to everyone's surprise, Jane was standing behind the doors.

"What the fuck?", asked Jane.

"You fucking cunt!", said Joseph, seeing her covered in blood. "You've killed some of Team Ricochet!"

"No shit.", said Jane. "Time for more."

As Jane lunged at Joseph, Eric shoved her to the side. She fell over and hit her head against the wall. Struggling to get up, she again collapsed against the wall.

"Goodbye.", said Jamie, going in to kick Jane in the head as hard as she could.

"No, fuck!", shouted Eric, shoving her off to the side as well. "Just let me sort out this shit before this turns into a fucking war again."

"Now...", began Eric. "What the hell is wrong with you Jane?"

"Unnnhhh.", mumbled Jane. "I've been poisoned. Worse than I thought."

"Good.", said Squirt. "Fucking little bitch, I hope you die so fucking painfull..."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!", screamed Eric as loud as he could. "Just shut the mother-FUCK up. I don't know what the fuck to do, since I want to kill all of you right about now."

"You think you could take us all on?", said Joseph, preparing to fight. "What about the alliance?"

"You've become a member of Team Ricochet?", asked Jane, looking close to passing out.

"No!", said Eric. "I'm trying to kill Bill."

"He's joined Team Ricochet.", said Squirt, trying to break any alliances left between Eric and Jane.

"I thought I told you to shut your fucking trap.", said Eric, looking back towards Squirt.

At the point when Eric turned his head, Jamie went and punched Jane in the stomach, causing her to screech in pain.

"Stop the fuck doing things!", shouted Eric, elbowing Jamie in the forehead, knocking her to the ground temporarily.

"That's it, kill them.", said Jane, groggily.

"You crab up to!", shouted Eric. "Everyone, just sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up, so I can sort the fuck out of this whole fucking mess."

Team Ricochet looked a little nervous.

"SIT!", shouted Eric, and they all sat where they were.

"Ok.", said Eric, pacing the floor. "I've got someone whom I no longer travel with, but is an old friend, if that counts for shit, which I doubt. On the other hand, I've got Team Ricochet, who wants to help me kill Bill, which is actually a priority with me."

"There are hundreds more of us.", said Squirt. "Think of the army you can amass."

"Shweet.", said Eric.

"But first you must kill Jane.", said Squirt. "We must know that you're serious about being with us."

"Er-ric.", said Jane. "I need help."

"You need a fucking shrink is what you need.", said Eric, pondering the situation.

"This will help make your decision final.", said Joseph, pulling a six inch stiletto and tossing it on the ground beside Eric.

Soundlessly, Eric picked it up, staring at it as it lay in his hands. He wrapped his hand around the handle, feeling its weight.

"Do it.", said Jamie. "She's murdered many, and since you've been seen working with us, you're probably next."

"Kill THEM!", said Jane, shaking out of some of the poison's effects. "They've probably never seen Bill."

"Wait a minute...", said Eric. "You assholes at one point or another healed Bill, didn't you?"

"He betrayed us.", said Squirt. "We want him dead too. Jane doesn't care about Bill... she just wants to end our organization, which is impossible anyway."

"Christ!", said Eric. "You don't like to make it fucking easy, do you?"

Before anyone could say anything else, Eric swung his arm around and drove the blade into Jane's shoulder area, just missing her head.

"AAAHHHGGGG!", screamed Jane, trying to struggle away despite the poison.

"You chose well.", said Squirt, standing up. As he did, so did Joseph and Jamie.

"My turn.", said Joseph, kicking Jane in the ribs.

"UGH!", mumbled Jane, curling into a fetal-ball position.

"FUCK YOU!", shouted Eric, swinging the knife around, slitting Joseph's throat wide. Joseph made no more sound, dropping to the ground.

"DAMNIT, DAMNIT, DAMNIT!", shouted Eric, picking up Jane by her good arm. "Of all the fucking times to follow my goal."

"You bastard!", shouted Squirt, running towards Eric. "You fucking traitor!"

"Piss off!", shouted Eric, swinging the stiletto around once more, slicing Squirt's left paw from his arm. The paw dropped to the ground, twitched once, and lay still.

"JESUS!", shouted Squirt, pressing his wrist tightly against his chest with his other paw, slowing the flow of blood.

By this point, Jane drooped away from Eric again, landing near Squirt's paw. She struggled to reach out to it, grabbed it, and gently placed it in her pocket. Struggling to stand again, she dropped to the ground, unconscious.

"This is fucked up.", said Eric, dropping the dagger and picking up the limp body of Jane in his arms. He ran out of the building, heading for the hospital clinic in Saffron.

As he ran inside with Jane, the nurses walking by saw that she was dripping blood. Not so much dripping than slowly pouring.

"This way!", shouted one of the nurses, pointing towards an empty gurney in the hallway. Eric veered off of his current path (which was to the check-in area) towards the gurney. Placing Jane on it, the nurses immediately put pressure on the wound. Another had already gotten an IV ready and was now inserting it into Jane's arm.

"What happened?", asked one of the nurses.

"There was an accident.", said Eric. "She's been poisoned too. No clue what from."

"DAMNIT!", said the second nurse, yanking the IV needle out of her arm. "We have to see what kind of poison it is before we put anything artificial into her."

Bandaging the needle-hole, yet another nurse that had been called over brought a small dish-like thing over and rubbed some of Jane's blood into the three divots inside of it. Looking at what happened inside each divot, she suddenly yelled out "Type A!"

The second nurse now ran out of the room, and seemingly seconds later, returned with a sack of blood. Pulling the needle out if it's sterilized pouch, she hung the bag over Jane and pushed the needle into her arm, using a different vein than before.

By this time, the first nurse had gotten the stab wound under control and was taping a large mess of gauze overtop of it. Eric had just stood off to the side, watching, trying to get his thoughts in order, once again. The task itself seemed impossible, but Eric's mind slowly began to sort out what happened when. It had not actually occurred to him yet that he had killed Joseph. This would end up hitting him later.

Several hours later, Eric was sitting in the waiting room. Jane had been wheeled off to the operating room. Several minutes after that had happened, one of the nurses had left the room carrying a tired-looking Chansey. After that, Eric could only wait. He no longer knew where his trust lay.

About half an hour later, a nurse emerged, waving for Eric to come inside. Walking in, he saw Jane, actually conscious, but refusing to make eye contact with him.

"It was a Nidoking.", said one of the nurses. "The poison, that is."

"That good, or that bad?", asked Eric.

"That's bad.", said the nurse. "Luckily, you brought her over here only shortly after she acquired it."

"That's good.", said Eric, looking back to Jane. "She gonna be alright?"

"Well, what she was stabbed with was pretty thin.", began another nurse. "It only half sliced through her muscle, but punched right through a major artery."

"Fuck.", said Eric.

"It's going good though.", said the first nurse. "We have the antivenin for most poisons, and hers we had two doses left available."

"That's also good.", said Eric.

"And our Chansey hasn't had to do anything for the past week, so he was able to do quite a bit for her. She can actually be released tomorrow, after Chansey's had another run."

"Thanks.", said Eric, looking once again towards Jane. She had still avoided eye contact the entire time. Walking out, he suddenly felt very tired, and headed to the pokecenter to get some sleep.

When Eric woke up, he saw, through is bleary, sleep-laden eyes, a shadow standing over him.

"Asshole.", said the voice of Jane, suddenly moving quickly towards him.

"CHRIST!", shouted Eric, instantly awake. He rolled out of the bed onto the floor on the other side, trying to get away.

"Hey, cool it.", said Jane. "I was just fucking with you."

"Seriously?", said Eric, cringing away in fear.

"Seriously.", said Jane. "I actually want to thank you... for saving my life." *

"Fuck, I'm what caused your life to need saving to begin with.", said Eric.

"Actually, according to the nurse, I probably wouldn't have been able to get here with the poison, and would have died overnight without the antivenin.", said Jane.

"Really?", said Eric.

"And I didn't even get a full dose of the poison either.", said Jane.

"Damn.", said Eric, getting to his feet. "Why are you out of the hospital so early?"

"Look at the clock.", said Jane.

Looking over, Eric saw the hour hand hovering between the three and the four.

"Jesus fuck!", said Eric. "I've been out for that long?"

"I had to ask the pokecenter attendant what room you were in.", said Jane. "Took a hell of a lot of convincing to get them to give me a copy of the room key."

"So...", began Eric. "What happens between you and me?"

"I don't know.", said Jane. "Half of me wants you dead. The other half wants to kill that half for trying to kill you."

"I'm just debating whether or not to run out of the room screaming into the night."

"Day.", corrected Jane.

"Whatever.", said Eric, standing there, not moving.

For the next several minutes, noone spoke, noone moved. Finally, Jane spoke up.

"Get some fucking pants on.", said Jane, smiling.

"What, you don't want to see more?", said Eric, smiling back.

"So we're cool?", asked Jane.

"We're cool.", said Eric. "I've gotta stay around to keep you from completely snapping."

"I was gonna say the same about you.", said Jane. **

"Yeah, yeah.", said Eric, pulling on his pants. He stopped dressing halfway through putting his shirt on.

"OH SHIT!", said Eric. "JOSEPH!"

"Shut the fuck up.", said Jane. "Everything's covered."

"How, for fuck's sake!?!", said Eric, a little quieter.

"Come outside and you'll see.", said Jane.

Eric finished dressing and gathering his junk. Upon leaving the pokecenter, they wandered over to near the Silph Co. building. Standing in front of the doors was a large man, akin to a bouncer, eyeing them with what seemed to be nothing but hatred.

"Damn.", said Eric. "I think I'm getting the willies just seeing him look at me."

"Team Ricochet won't let this get out to the public.", said Jane. "But Joseph was pretty high up. You'd better watch your ass from now on."

"Fuck, that's right.", said Eric as the enormity of it finally hit him. "They'll want me dead."

"That makes two of us.", said Jane.

"Oh, this is good.", said Eric.

"Hey, we can protect eachother.", said Jane.

"Can we trust eachother?", asked Eric.

"You saved my life, didn't you?", said Jane. "You could have easily left me to die, but there's some form of loyalty between us still."

"So it would seem.", said Eric. "And come to think of it, you saved MY life when Bill first went after me."

"Oh yeah.", said Jane. "Woohoo! And Jane ties the score!"

"I don't wanna play that game any more.", laughed Eric. "It hurts."

"Nonetheless, we're both not bad off, considering.", said Jane.

"What's the damage on your half?", asked Eric, running his finger over one of the scars on his face.

"Not too bad.", said Jane, pulling down the corner of her shirt over her shoulder, showing Eric a scar about an inch long near her shoulder.

"Nice.", said Eric. "And it's a good scar you have there too."

"Don't make me break you.", said Jane.

"Don't tell me it's that time of the month again.", said Eric in return.

"Oh for the love of God, are we starting that again?", asked Jane.

"I knew it, I knew...", began Eric. "Hey, look at that."

"What?", asked Jane.

"My bike.", said Eric. "It's still parked out front of the Silph Co. Building."

Eric ran over and biked it back, warily watching the guard at the door to see if they would make a move towards him. They didn't.

"Mine's still parked outside the pokecenter.", said Jane. "Lemme get it."

Jane ran over to the pokecenter and grabbed her bike. Eric had biked alongside.

"Where to now?", asked Jane.

"Well, I've conquered the towns around this area.", said Eric. "From what I know, I think we head back west, then south towards Fuschia."

"Sounds like a plan.", replied Jane.

They took off west, passing through Celadon, and off to the biking trail. They came across several battles, but they had easily won. Jane had healed her Pokemon before meeting Eric, and therefore wanted to show Eric her Tsunami. Rather than be amazed, Eric took out a Pokeball and released the insanely massive Juggernaut. After both boggled at the other's Pokemon, they continued their path, training the new Pokemon in the ways of the... whatever you want to call that group. They eventually arrived at Fuschia at about 11:00 pm, seeing as they only took off at about four thirty. Dead tired, they wandered into the Pokecenter and quickly fell asleep. Little did Jane realize at this time that something had slipped her mind. Something rather important, like the matter of Kris.

* : Yeah, yeah, it's cheesy as hell, but after the past many chapters, this story needed a thick layer of cheese to half-assed even out the gore. Nothing quite like the taste of gore and cheese.

** : Ok, this is also cheesy as hell, but it's a good kinda cheese, and isn't that the best cheese? Personally, I'm a mozzarella fan.

Will Jane kill Eric (asked yet again)? Will Eric kill Jane (for sure this time)? Will Kris spill his guts to the police? Will Jane spill Kris' guts? What will Team Ricochet do since they're missing a singer? Why does my sister's cat like to eat tape? Did Squirt bleed to death? Is Joseph really dead?

Answers to many a question in the coming chapters, and probably a couple more *'s, seeing as there were very few this chapter. Course, most if it is self-explanatory anyway. Doesn't really follow the game line, except in that the direction of movement is kinda the same.


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