Pokemon Fight Back


Well, it's about time to write another chapter to my ever-increasingly gory story. Hopes you like it. I'm planning much doom in this chapter, where Jane and Eric finally confront Team Ricochet when they get to Cerulean city (where you actually are supposed to first hear of Team Ricochet). Either way, we now know that Squirt can talk, sort-of, and that Vladmere has plans for him. Now, let's write our way into some good, old fashioned gore.

Either way, I should point out the violence in here, so: There is violence in this fanfic. If you are offended by violence from or to Pokemon, don't read this etc., etc., etc...... Anyway, I've got some good ideas, so lemme get it on paper (well, screen anyway). Remember, if you were at all squeamish about the earlier stories, I REALLY let go in this one. Could it be because I have several final exams in University this week, and I need to release some excess emotions? Who knows and who cares. I'm sure everyone who got this far just wants to read the damn story.

Chapter 5: The confrontation

After waking up from a long night's sleep, Eric wanders his way back into the main office of the pokecenter. He was feeling happier because the sleep had gotten yesterday's problems out of his mind. When he arrived at the bottom of the steps, he found Jane already awake, waiting for him.

"What took you so long, sleepy-head?", asked Jane.

"I needed sleep bad.", replied Eric. "Looks like I finally caught up on my sleep."

"Well, hurry up and eat. I want to get to Cerulean City sometime today.", finished Jane.

"Yeah, yeah, keep your shirt on.", mumbled Eric as he sat down to his bowl of Frosted Flakes.

"Lemme let my Pokemon out for a while while I'm eating.", said Eric, pulling the three remaining pokeballs from his bag.

Eric and Jane both released all of their pokemon and watched them stretch their legs.

Jane was particularely interested in Pinsir, and what he could do.

"Look at him. He's so cute, and he's got claws too.", praised Jane.

"Yeah.", replied Eric. "Let's hope he can do some damage to the next Pokemon gym. I've heard they're all water type."

"I think he's type bug.", said Jane. "Water shouldn't be unusually painful."

"I'm sure he'll do fine. What skills does he have?", asked Eric.

"Right now, he has scratch and spore. * I'm hoping that he'll learn some more on our way to Cerulean. I think we have to go through a cave to get there.", replied Jane.

"Oh yeah, that stupid Mount Moon cave. I've been there before when our family took a vacation last year. It's full of lots of Zubats. We can train on them.", replied Eric as he finished his cereal.

"Well, our Pokemon look happy, so let's head out, shall we?", asked Jane.

"Yup. I'm ready for the open roads.", said Eric, calling back his Pokemon. "Except I'm going to keep Geodude out. I want him to get a few levels before we get to the next Gym."

With that, Eric and Jane walked out the door towards Cerulean City. Jane was watching Pinsir scurry along the ground, snapping it's claws at anything it saw moving. In the meantime, Geodude was happy just to squash ants and break sticks on the ground. As the two walked the long path to Mount Moon, they saw some people up ahead. Eyeing them curiously, Eric walked up to one of them. Suddenly, the person jumped towards them and shouted "Pokemon Battle!"

"Wha?", said Eric, startled.

"Go, Caterpie!", shouted the kid. "Tackle the Geodude."

Geodude was suddenly charged by the Caterpie. It merely stood it's ground and was virtually unaffected by the attack.

"Alright.", said Eric. "Tackle him back."

Geodude charged the Caterpie, hitting him in such a way to cause extensive damage (critical hit). The caterpie fell down, dazed.

"Uhhh.", stammered the kid. "Go Metapod."

The Metapod just crawled along the ground and tried to harden it's shell. Geodude, seeing that it couldn't attack, picked up a rock and winged it at the small bug. Metapod's shell cracked from the attack and crawled away in fear.

"COOL!", shouted Eric. "I think Geodude learned how to throw rocks. That might be useful in the future."

"Good fight, man.", said the kid, calling back his injured Pokemon.

"Easy fight.", replied Eric, scratching Geodude on the head.

"Yeah, just wait till I find something strong.", said the kid, skulking away into the bushes.

"Well....", interrupted Jane. "Looks like we found some stuff to level up against after all."

"Yeah, and now my Geodude can whip rocks at stuff.", said Eric enthusiastically.

Along the rest of the path towards Mount Moon, they ran into several more battles. Jane took the next one to let Geodude rest up. Pinsir was pitted against several other bugs and a Pidgey. All went fairly well, but Pinsir was getting tired. The next several battles were taken by Geodude, who was fairly beaten down by the end of them. Finally, Eric and Jane saw a building in the distance with the word 'pokecenter' along the side of it, and behind that was the giant Mount Moon.

"Whew.", said Jane. "My Pinsir's in need of a rest. And so am I. We've been walking for a couple hours now."

"Yeah. Let's grab a bite to eat in the Pokecenter before we go into the cave.", replied Eric.

So they entered the pokecenter and healed up their Pokemon to full energy. After a short snack of some chocolate bars Jane bought in Pewter City, they were ready to head out. Right before they entered the cave, they were startled from behind.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"What, you again?", asked Eric, annoyed.

"To unite evil in all it's glory."

"To destroy good in some way gory."

"To steal pokemon for no good reason."

"To commit ourselves to things like treason."



"Get lost, ya bunch of morons.", said Jane, also annoyed.

"Team Ricochet blasts off out of sight."

"Squirt, that's right."

"Squirt?", said Eric quickly. He was confused, not only because the Squirt he once knew was in front of him, or that he was terribly scarred around his neck, or even that he had joined Team Ricochet. He was confused because Squirt was talking to him.

"What the heck happened to you Squirt?", asked Eric suddenly.

"Vladmere made me better. In order to pay for all that he has given me, I've decided to help him gather Pokemon, so give us your Pokemon, NOW!", shouted Squirt.

"Yeah, right.", retorted Eric, pulling out a pokeball. "Go Geodude!"

The Geodude popped out of the pokeball and landed on Joseph's foot.

"ACK!", shouted Joseph, pulling his leg away in pain. "You freaking rock, your gonna get it! Go Magmar!"

Joseph specifically called Magmar out, because he was able to steal a Boulderbadge from Brick at night. That way, Magmar would listen to him for once.

"Geodude, throw some rocks at him!", shouted Eric.

Geodude scooped up some rocks from the ground and whipped them towards Magmar. But Magmar was faster than Geodude, and dodged out of the way. Joseph, however, still rubbing his foot, got nailed in the forehead with one of the rocks.

"GOD DAMMIT!", screamed Joseph, now completely enraged. "YOUR FUCKING GEODUDE'S GONNA PAY FOR THAT!"

Joseph dashed to the side and grabbed a large rock, about the size of his head. He lifted it above him and stepped in front of Magmar. Eric was at this time laughing too hard to notice what Joseph was doing and suddenly caught Joseph's movement in the corner of his eye.

Before he could react, Joseph swung the chunk of granite straight onto Geodude's skull, cracking the hard rock-like skin, leaving a red, viscous fluid to run out. **

"AAAHHHHHHH!!", screamed Eric, looking down at his now silent Pokemon.

"YOU MURDERER!", shouted Eric, lunging at Joseph.

Joseph, still enraged from the laughing, grabbed Eric's arm before he attacked and threw him to the ground. Eric, enfuriated, jumped to his feet and kicked Joseph as hard as he could in the stomach.

"Ooooooffff", gasped Joseph as he fell to the ground, out of breath.

"Why'd you have to kill him?", shouted Eric as he began to kick Joseph in the ribs. Joseph was trying to roll away and let his back take some of the hits when Jane stepped in.

"STOP FIGHTING!", said Jane, almost in tears. She didn't like seeing Eric turn into a raging maniac. But who could blame him. After all, that Pokemon was a present from Brick.

In either case, Jane decided to pull Eric away from Joseph. Jamie was still staring at the deceased Geodude, who was now coated with a thin red film. Squirt was right now virtually unaffected from seeing the Pokemon die a brutal death, sneaking around behind Jane to try to steal her pokeballs. Jane, seeing this a moment before Squirt reached into her backpack, swung around and slapped his arm away.

After several moments of an uneasy pause, Joseph struggled to his feet, still holding his side to ease the pain. Squirt decided to call it even. He knew that Eric and Jane weren't going to give up their Pokemon without a fight, and he'd just lost of of his fighters.

"Well, you win this round, but I'll get your Pokemon. Just wait.", said Squirt as he stood beside Joseph, helping him regain his composure.

"At least have the decency to bury it.", shouted Eric.

"Yeah, that'll happen.", laughed Squirt, walking away.

Jane was still shocked from the death. She could barely stop staring at it. All she could think about is that one moment when Joseph had plunged the rock onto Geodude's head. Her head was swirling madly with different emotions, not knowing which one to portray.

Finally, after she and Eric stood motionlessly looking at the corpse, now covered in flies, for several seconds, she began to wander back towards the pokecenter. Her mind was slowly beginning to seek revenge against Team Ricochet at any cost. She just couldn't sit back and allow Team Ricochet to get away with any more crimes. She was planning her next several encounters with them already, fixating on the members of Team Ricochet in her mind, and what she would do to them. She may not see them for a while, but she could wait. Oh, yes, when she completes her revenge, it would be a thing to behold. ***

Eric was unaware of how Jane felt, but just wanted to lie down for a while and relax.

He released his Pokemon to get some exercise while he layed on the couch. Jane, seeing this, let her's out too. It looks like their trip through the Mount Moon cave would have to wait until later in the day. Noone had said a word since they entered the pokecenter. They didn't know what to say. Eric decided to break the silence first.

"Well, I should take out another Pokemon. I wouldn't want to be caught with all my Pokemon fainted through the caves.", he said, turning on the computer. He withdrew his Nidoran (male) from the computer and let it run around with his Florin and Pikachu.

Jane merely shrugged and said, "Well, if you want, you can catch a Geodude in the cave later."

"What's with you?", asked Eric.

"Oh, nothing really. Just still shocked from what happened.", replied Jane flatly.

"Well, let's get a couple hours of rest before we head out.", said Eric, lying back down on the couch. He continued to watch Pikachu chase after Nidoran, trying to play-tackle him to the ground. Jane wasn't really watching her Pokemon much. She just sat there, staring at the wall, like she had much on her mind.

*: These probably aren't what Pinsir gets at the start, and I started over, so I can't check very easily. Don't worry, Pinsir'll find his way into the good skills.

**: Oh yeah, I can feel the tension leaving me right now. I need to write this to ease my mind. Hopes you like it.

***: Seeing as many of those who will read this will be very young, I feel the need that in this area, you can read how Jane is slowly spiralling into insanity. Is that not ominous?

What will Jane do to Team Ricochet? Eric seems to have managed to mostly shrug off the battle, but what of Jane? Where will Team Ricochet strike next? If a grape is small and green or purple, why did they name a grapefruit, being large and pink, almost the same? Why won't the words stay wrapped when I type in this version of Notepad? How long before Eric can't take any more from Team Ricochet?

Answers to many of these in Chapter 6, coming soon to a webpage near you (ie: this one... the one that had a link to this.)


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