Pokemon Fight Back


Well, it's time for chapter 6. I had written this one earlier, but it was erased by some.... unpleasantness. In either case, I'll attempt to rewrite it as best I can, so hope you likes what you reads.

Once again... violence to Pokemon is rampant in this fanfic.... if you don't like that kinda stuff, go to another page with happy fanfics :}. In either case, it's time to get Pinsir in on the action:

Chapter 6: Jane's awakening (to new, demented ideas)

Eric and Jane decided to call it a night. By the time their Pokemon were tired out from running around, It was nearly 4:00 in the afternoon, not leaving enough time to head through Mount Moon. They had a light dinner and headed off to bed. Jane, however, awoke several minutes later with an idea that would change her life. She quietly snuck out of bed and grabbed one of the pokeballs from her backpack. With it, she headed outside.

"C'mon, Pinsir. It's time you learned how to battle Team Ricochet.", said Jane, opening her pokeball into the darkness. On the way out of the pokecenter, Jane grabbed a flashlight to help them train.

"Pin-pinsir!", said Pinsir, eager for action. Jane had purposefully left him in his pokeball the evening before, so as not to tire him out.

Jane and Pinsir walked outside to the bushes, and began to talk soothingly to Pinsir.

"Now Pinsir, you just learned Guillotine, and that's going to make you very strong. Now, we're going to teach you to jump high, and snap that guillotine shut on stuff.", began Jane.

"Pinsir-pinsir!", said Pinsir enthusiastically.

After several hours of teaching Pinsir to jump about six feet into the air easily, Jane prepared to move onto the next step.

"Now Pinsir, jump up high and use Guillotine on this small tree here!", said Jane.

Pinsir tried this and missed the tree by about a foot.

"Again!", cried Jane. Pinsir lunged into the air again, but this time he snapped the tree in two at about neck height.

"Excellent, my friend, excellent.", said Jane. "Now we must work on your accuracy. We don't want you missing too often."

Several hours of hard training, Pinsir was beginning to look tired. Jane decided to call it a night. Pinsir was now jump-hitting trees with his guillotine about 70% of the time. Jane figured another couple nights should do it. *

Jane returned Pinsir to his pokeball and returned to bed. It was now about 5:00 in the morning, and Eric would be waking up in several hours. Jane had to get as much sleep as possible.

When Eric woke up, he felt refreshed. It seems all of his tension had eased away over the night, and now he was ready for anything. Today, they would tackle Mount Moon, and win. Eric was sure of it. He bounded out of bed and trotted over to Jane's room.

"Good morning Jane. Nice day, huh?", said Eric cheerfully.

"Fnnf... hrmmmnn... mfff.", mumbled Jane, trying to smother out any sound with her pillow.

"Man... you look like you could get another couple hours sleep. Not sleep good?", questioned Eric.

"Naw... just need more sleep.", muttered Jane, almost incoherently.

Eric shrugged and began to leave the room. "Ok, I'll call you in about an hour or so."

Eric wandered downstairs and got some scrambled eggs to start the day. He let out his Pokemon and watched them slowly wake up. Pikachu rolled over and bumped into Nidoran. Florin trotted over to the window and sat in the hot morning sunlight, absorbing the heat.

"Wake up guys.", said Eric. "We got a big day ahead of us."

Eric decided to open Jane's pokeballs too and let her Pokemon run around for a while. Inferno and Pidgey were happy to run around, but Pinsir just kinda sat there, yawning and trying to go back to sleep.

"Strange. Of course, he's a strange Pokemon.", muttered Eric. He called Pinsir back to his pokeball to rest more and left the others running about.

After about 40 minutes, Jane came wandering down the stairs, still looking pretty tired.

"Can't sleep with that sun in my eyes.", said Jane, smiling. She sat down and ordered a couple pieces of toast. After they ate and gathered their Pokemon, they gathered some supplies for the big hike.

As they once again reached the mouth of Mount Moon, they stopped for a second, to hear if any songs were being sung. ** After a couple of seconds, they walked in, avoiding eye contact with the mangled corpse of the Geodude, still lying on the ground, covered in flies.

"Kinda dark in here.", said Jane, letting her eyes adjust to the light.

"Don't worry, I brought a flashlight.", said Eric, pulling his heavy-duty flashlight from his backpack. After he lit it up, they were off, wandering around the caves.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man walked up to them. "Wanna pokebattle?"

"Sure.", said Eric. "My Pokemon could use some practice. Go Pikachu!"

Pikachu jumped out of his pokeball and cried "Pika-pika!" enthusiastically.

"Go Zubat!", said the man.

"Pikachu, hurry, thunder wave.", said Eric quickly.

Pikachu glowed for a second then hit the Zubat with electricity. It seemed shocked (paralyzed) for a while.

"Nuts.... missed my turn.", said the man.

"Now thunderbolt him Pikachu!", said Eric, enthusiastic of a win.

Pikachu glowed again, when a lightning bolt shot out of his body and hit the Zubat. The Zubat fell to the ground, but managed to get back up again.

"Zu-zuba.", said the Zubat, as it lunged back at Pikachu, sucking some of his health away.

"Aw, nuts. There goes my flawless battle.", said Eric. "Thunderbolt him again Pikachu."

"Pika-pikachu.", said Pikachu, blasting the Zubat with another bolt of electricity.

With this, the Zubat fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Woohoo!", yelled Eric cheerfully.

"Nuts.", said the man. "I gotta get me a Clefairy or Paras or something."

As the man wandered off, Jane and Eric reveled in the victory.

"Good work Pikachu.", said Eric, scratching Pikachu's head.

"Pikachu.", said Pikachu, bouncing around happily.

Eric sucked Pikachu back into his pokeball. They still had a long while to go. ***

A while later, after several more pokebattles and many, many encounters with Zubats, they began to near the end of the cave. Eric by this point had caught a Paras, Zubat, and managed to catch a Clefairy. Jane caught herself a Geodude and another Zubat. As they reached a set of stairs, a man walked up to them.

"Halt. Go no further. I don't want you stealing my fossils!", shouted the man.

"What the heck are you talking about.", said Jane. ****

"Look.", continued the man, seemingly not listening, "Let's battle for the fossils then."

"Sure, whatever.", said Jane, noting that the man had a Team Ricochet uniform on. An evil smile crossed her face. "Uhh, Eric, would you mind checking that little tunnel over there while I battle? I though I saw a strange looking stone when we passed."

"Can do.", said Eric, heading off.

As he left, Jane glared back to the member of Team Ricochet with rage in her eyes.

"Alright, Asshole, I'm taking Team Ricochet down, starting with you! GO PINSIR!", screamed Jane.

"Wha?", said the man. "Sure, I'm from Team Ricochet, but...", when his sentence was cut short. Pinsir had jumped out of his pokeball in front of him, startling him.

"DO YOUR THING, PINSIR!", shouted Jane insanely.

"Pin-pinsir!", said Pinsir. Not knowing better, he lunged towards the man, snapping his claws inches from the man's neck.

"Again!", said Jane, biding her time until it worked.

"Pinsir!", said Pinsir, attempting again, but the man once again dodged to the side.

"More!", said Jane, "More!"

By this time, the man was so bewildered, he had backed into a small crevice in the wall. Pinsir moved in towards him and jumped up one more time.

"YES!", shouted Jane.

"Pin-PIN!", said Pinsir, slicing through the man's neck and severing his head from his body. A fountain of blood suddenly spurted from the man's neck. His head fell to the floor, followed closely by his limp body, still twitching from the attack. A large pool of blood quickly grew around the man's body, drenching his clothes until he himself was red. Pinsir himself had gotten sprayed by some of the blood, and was rolling over on the dirt to rub it off.

Pinsir noticed the large red puddle nearing him and backed away from the advancing blood.

"Very, very good, my pet.", said Jane enthusiastically. "Our battle with Team Ricochet has just begun." Jane began to pet Pinsir's head gently, reassuring him that what he did was good. Pinsir relaxed under her hand and layed down.

Jane grabbed Pinsir's pokeball and pulled him inside, hearing Eric begin to return. She ran ahead past the opening, grabbing the fossils on the way.

"Eric, let's head out. I got the fossils.", said Jane, trying to get him to run right past the battle scene.

Eric was equally happy, since he had found a moon stone. He ran up to Jane quickly, not noticing that he had nearly stepped in the thick red puddle that was still slowly growing.

"Look what I found!", said Eric, panting for breath.

"We're almost at the exit. Let's look at it in the light.", said Jane quickly, leading him to a dim light around another corner. *****

As the two exited the caves, Eric showed Jane the glowing rock. Jane touched it with awe.

"What's it do?", asked Jane, trying to keep the topic off of the battle.

"I think it can evolve some Pokemon.", said Eric. "It glows even more when I put it near Clefairy, and a little bit near Nidoran."

"Cool. You going to use it now?", asked Jane.

"No, I'll wait and see what else can use it.", said Eric. "In either case, we should head off now. We want to get to the next town before nightfall."

"Yeah.", said Jane. "Cerulean city is only a couple miles from here."

After a short walk, Eric and Jane arrived at Cerulean city. Along the way, they saw more caves across the water.

"Where's that go?", asked Jane.

"Some big cave with strong Pokemon in it.", replied Eric. "That guy guarding it won't let anyone pass unless they have beaten the Elite Four."

"Well, that'll take a while yet.", said Jane, searching for a pokecenter.

After a couple minutes of searching around, they found the pokecenter and healed up all of their Pokemon. Jane had earlier wandered into a bike store and was somewhat upset at the price of the bike.

"A million bucks?????", shouted Jane. "Those pipes and tires have damn well better be stuffed full of diamonds for that price!"

"They're just looking for suckers with too much money in there.", said Eric. "Let's grab some food. I'm starving."

With that, they ordered some steak, both to celebrate the getting of the moon stone, as well as the fossils. They both deposited whatever Pokemon they didn't want into Professor Pine's computer. They both stayed with the same three they had before.

As it got on towards evening, they let the Pokemon out of their pokeballs and let them wander around. Jane was careful to let Pinsir go in a separate corner of the pokecenter. As she released him, she was glad to see that the pokecenter not only healed him, but removed any blood stains from his claws. She sat back and let him play with the other Pokemon. She had continuously stressed Pinsir not to attack anyone but who she said to, and had no worries.

The night came on, and the Pokemon returned to their balls. Tomorrow they would search the town and try to take on Marissa (Replacement for Misty), leader of the town's gym with her water type Pokemon.

* : I know accuracy doesn't increase with practice, but hey, in real life, practice DOES help a heckuva lot.

** : Listening for Team Ricochet's song

*** : Nuts to trying to type down all of the battles that they'd run into... I'll just fast forward to when they get that fossil.

**** : This is where the really gory part starts, so if you don't want to read it, but like the rest, I suggest skipping down about a half-page from here, until you see the *****, which will indicate the end of the gore.

***** : End of gore, also, I figured that Jane could have both fossils. After all, what's stopping her from taking only one of them now? >:}

Will Jane continue her rampage with Pinsir? Will Eric find out? Will Squirt meet the same demise as the man in the cave? Why must there be 20 minutes of commercials for every hour of television? Does Eric also have some deep, suppressed hatred towards Team Ricochet? Find out in Chapter 7, coming to a webpage near you (this one).


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