Wizards and Zounds

Of course the shop gets its own page

The very first pencil drawing of Raven's shop, with people around it cheering, and the word Zounds in large letters written above the shop.
A simple pencil drawing of three and a quarter buildings, with Zounds written at the top. Several people stand in front, cheering.

Yah the shop gets a page! The shop, the shop, a curious place, oh what could you find inside of this space!

Like yah I have my real world storefront (to be opened yet in England, give it a year), but Raven and Abby's shop in D&D is its own thing, and naturally it gets its own page in here. This shop has had a few names now, Trinkets and Treasures, Potions and Periapts, but those almost sounded too... mundane. Like that's the name of one of a hundred shops that you'd walk past in Waterdeep (where the D&D shop is lol). And then it struck me... the very name that I gave the daily song where I showed the drawing of the shop... Wizards and Zounds. Now that's a place that you stop in at! That's a name where you're like... ok, I've gotta go see. And so, the shop name was decided.

The origin of the shop came through my song-a-day series as well, this one (with a little bit of a poem to prelude it). Y'see, I was SO enamored with the harrow deck of many things (and later the various others), that I started coming up with rhymes and prattles and stuff about the people drawing the cards, and generally Raven solving the bad cards as she could find ways, beginning in Pathfinder and later D&D. And eventually Dennis came along to cure the remaining cards lol (he works at Robin's Clericy two doors down from Wizards and Zounds every thursday).

And so, solving the deck of many things, the little shop in Waterdeep became wildly popular, being known far and wide across the land, for creating demiplanes and artifacts, werebears and wonders.

Also, its location has been chosen as well:

The map of Waterdeep, from top to bottom. Only the major street names are readable in this image because the map is actually very large, and this image does not need to be, as it's just the starting point for zooming in on the shop. A horozonally arranged map showing the south third of Waterdeep, from the great harbour up to the edge of mount waterdeep.The next zooming in, showing generally the main roads of The High Road and The Way of the Dragon.
Zooming in a bit more, focusing in on the Southern Ward and Dock Ward areas.Zooming in on The High Road, and the cluster of buildings to the east of it, mainly the intersection of Tulmaster's Street and Caravan Street, with an open courtyard near the center of the image.
Zooming in even more, to the right of the courtyard just on Caravan Street, where a set of five buildings are circled in blue.A greyscale drawing of the cluster of buildings, with the second from the northmost building being circled. The nearby roads aside from Caravan Street and Tulmaster's Street are Tilman's Lane, and Tezambril Street.
A vertically oriented photo of the Waterdeep book on the page with that greyscale map, and Kabutroid pointing at the specific building where Raven's shop is.

Yep, just sitting on Caravan Street amusingly enough, location not actually chosen because of the street name. It was actually chosen based on a) Southern Ward's general description of being more casual, and the first area visited by tourists entering from that direction, and b) Sethma's Court, which tends to attract birds for some mysterious reason. Close to there, yet on a main road. As an added bonus, the convenient park located just behind the shop contains a goodberry bush (Witch's Bounty, a carryover from Pathfinder) and picnic table. The shop itself is also an animated object, thanks to Witch's Hut, also a carryover from Pathfinder.

So, this page may be updated further yet, perhaps when the England shop opens up, but otherwise, we have generally nailed down Raven and Abby's shop in Waterdeep, until said nails become mobile when the shop stands up on its long legs that were folded beneath, and travels to where needed until returning.

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