Deck of Oracles

Another "deck" named item in the deck of many things box set

The Deck of Oracles item, with the instructions for it printed in small text and taped to the face of a stack of playing cards, being held by Kabutroid

The Deck of Oracles, the other non-random deck named item in the deck of many things box set. Basically, you get to roll a d20 once per day, and replace an enemy's roll with that one. Alternatively you can cast divination once per day with this item. So of course, being a deck-named item, I had to make it.

Pretty simple, since I had actually bought like 3 decks of cards to make the Deck of Many More Things (due to wanting to re-write several of them for neatness), I had a pile of spare cards laying around. So I picked a stack of cards that I thought would make a good look to it, seventeen of them as it were (no significance to this, just... a good thickness that looks like a potential small oracle deck size), and taped 'em all together! Yah since you don't randomly draw from this item, I didn't want to make the cards removable, just a simple item. Although, as well as the tiny text on one side, I found a free oracle deck card back to tape to the other side, to make it look different than the Deck of Dimensions, and also the Wild Cards and Many More Things cards that use the blue diamondprint card back. It just felt good to make it different. And so, with the bundle and tiny text and card patterns taped to either side, we created the Deck of Oracles item!

Made December 20, 2023
The Deck of Oracles card stack being held by Kabutroid overtop of a pink surface.Showing the card stack at an angle so you can see the thickness of the stack, about three quarters of a centimeter.