No collisions yet!

On Sept. 10th, 2008... today as of creating this comic... the first beams were accelerated through the LHC. First one way... and once that was completed, then the other way. Not at the same time. That's it. And now you've ruined the joke for October. You all suck.

This is a message to the seemingly thousands of people making the 'Large Hadron Collider' jokes... you're all stupid. Every last one of you.

For those not knowing what I'm referring to... the Large Hadron Collider (or LHC) was "turned on" today. Some lunatics think it will destroy all life, the planet, or even the entire universe. The 'LHC joke' is to make fun of those people by saying everyon's not dead yet, so everything's fine.

But you morons making this joke TODAY are just making jackasses of yourselves. The only thing that happened today was that they accelerated protons through it one direction AT A TIME!

Thus... NO COLLISIONS, meaning NO END OF THE EARTH JOKES! The first time they plan to actually collide anything will be on October 21st... over 40 DAYS AWAY! So please, PLEASE... cram a sock in it. In October, too... since using that joke has now been completely ruined. Thanks a lot... jerks.
Seriously, research it first. You're all ridiculous.

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