Another exciting day

True story! Except I didn't go telling everyone, because y'know... it's pretty damn lame :P

Ugh, I can only imagine.
*hop* Is it getting your ass back to writing strips that are canon to the storyline, or is that too ludicrous?
No, better! It's about a thing that happened to me at work today!
*sigh* Didn't think so.
So anyway, when I'm writing something, I like to stick the pen behind my ear when I'm done with it. But this one time, I already HAD a pen there, but picked up a pen off the desk. When I was done writing, I tried to put it behind my ear and TOTALLY knocked the other one out!
It was like... two pens, and I was all "woah, I can't fit BOTH of them back there!"
...Wow. That is BY FAR the LAMEST thing I've ever heard in the history of everything.
I want my 30 seconds back.

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