Not a good start

Just getting into the comic, and already getting in Kabs' way. Not a good idea :P

Hello all... we're getting to the end of the uhh... partial-hiatus-of-seemingly-indeterminate-length-of-time. Things are starting t ocrop up in my head lately. I think the writers block cracked a little.
I'm also moving to a new hosting provider that's cheaper, so that's always good. Hopefully it'll go smoothly, but you may see some downtime here and there. The shoutbox may have issues too.
OOHH, am I finally back in the comic aga-
ACK! Don't sneak up on a girl like that!
Ech... I should probably consider cleaning that up relatively soon. Well... at least he won't be doing THAT again anytime soon. And I think I'll just order another new chair online... the guys at the store are starting to take bets on how soon I come back.

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