Petty disputes

If you remember strip 815, that's what got that whole booze issue started to begin with.

Not ONLY is the only drinkable booze still locked up, but it'll be MONTHS before we can grow new ingredients to make NEW booze!
Hey, don't go yelling at me about this one! It's not like I had a choice in the matter!
Actually, if memory serves me right, it WAS you that caused the booze-room to get locked up! Or at least where there was two of your around!
HEY! I couldn't exactly control the other one!
I don't think alcohol would help me any-
And you didn't even TRY to make out with the other Samus! I mean c'mon... what gives?
YOU'RE the only one that wanted that, you sick, demented freak!
Can we just stop for a-
Oh, yeah right. If there was another one of me, I'd TOTALLY be all over myself!
Are you TRYING to make me hurl again?
Umm... wow. Should I like... leave you two alone or something?

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