Minor annoyances

So... is there anywhere in partiuclar we're going, or are you just kinda wandering?
Eh, anywhere not immediately recognizable. See if we can find anything interesting.
*hop* See, we've already gone everywhere even remotely close to the bar, so I figured to just wander around where we've never been. Lately, all kinds of strange places come up while looking for items.
Well, I don't know if it happens THAT often.
Pfft, are you kidding? AT this point, I'd swear Metroid-thingy cursed us, if she wasn't too damn lazy to bother. I think she lives just to annoy us.
Bah, we're not the ones with annoying things happeningto us.
Fine then, gimme an example.
...dn't BELIEVE what I was seeing! After that, I decided t...
So much hate...

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