Not a soft landing

A catcher's mitt she ain't.

So... that end the conversation, or what am I about to walk into here?
No... no, we're done. Yeah.
*hop* Well, that's good to hea- wait, where'd croc-boy go?
He may have been... thrown. Violently.
Don't worry, I caught him.
Yeah, but it was with your mouth Ophelia, so I'm fine with that.
Hey, it's not like I bit down.
That's like saying being thrown into jagged rocks is fine because you weren't crushed, too.
If it's not too much trouble, could I possibly get a drink here? Hoping to numb the pain a bit.
Do you have money?
Oh, screw that. Croc actually wants to drink, I'm paying. I TOTALLY want to see what he's like when plastered.

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