A sudden glimpse

Every so often...

Eh, s'fine by me... so long as someone's paying.
Umm... are you sure that's wise? Do you even now how much he can drink? Hell, for all we know he could be able to out-drink us all or something.
Man, have you SEEN how much blood loss he's had recently? He's got to have like... half a cup of blood in him by now. Honestly, I'm not even sure how he hasn't gone into hypovolemic shock as is, but with even one drink his blood alcohol concentration is going to SKYROCKET with that level of anemia.
...HOW IN THE HELL DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT EVEN COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?!? Shit, say something else, let's see if we can harness some actual insight from this brief glimpse of brains here.
Alcohol is yummy.
Aaaand it's gone.

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