Return of the Trabnagian

I wonder how many people recall that the last time you saw the specifically indicated Trabnagian Zoomer back in strip 855. And does anyone recall the bar-roof-dwelling minions in strip 937? That's right... Trabnagians all along!

*sniff* Awright, aw *hic* right. But you'd better be true to your word. You're my friend, and I don't want you lying to me.
Don't worry, I've got friends man. I've got connections. I got this.
Now who in the hell would agr-
THE TRABNAGIAN! The last remaining Trabnagian besides me is the Zoomer! HE will help me out in my time of need! He MUST!
UGH! God, now THERE'S an enemy I could stand to never see again. Also... still eww.
But seriously? I haven't seen that guy in like... forever. What makes you think he's still alive, even remotely nearby, and will agree to this?
Oh, I can pretty much guarantee the first two of those things.
Wait, what?!? How?!? Where? HOW?!?
Yeah, he's been living on top of the bar recruiting new tribe members. They just avoid the hell out of you when you're here.
Oh god... there's more?

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